funny moment at rhinebeck


Out of nowhere this little memory popped into my head, and I wanted to share it before I forgot it again.

When Maaike and I went to Rhinebeck, the first thing we did on the first day of the festival was to visit the fleece auction.  The next thing after that was to bring the fleece that Maaike bought over to the Zeilinger Wool Co tent to give them the fiber to be processed, and then shipped home to Maaike.

Maaike was chatting with the Zeilinger guy about the fiber, the prep process, shipping to Canada, etc.  Then she asked how they could be sure she’d recieve the fiber from her fleece, and not that of someone else’s.

“We keep ’em seperated,” the Z dude replied.

There was a pause of about 2 seconds, then he, Maaike and I all burst into a spontaneous chant of:

“You gotta keep ’em seperated!  Duh nuh nuh nuh duh nuh nuh nuh duh nuh nuh nuh NUH!”

I can tell you this- I’d been planning this trip for a while.  I thought I had the whole weekend planned…but never did I think I’d be singing along in a random outbreak of Offspring at a sheep and wool festival.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “funny moment at rhinebeck

  1. Love it!

    Too funny.

    Thanks for the chuckle.



  2. Brilliant. (btw – you’re ON FIRE with the posting this last couple of days 🙂 ) Completely brilliant.


  3. What fleeces? I don’t know anything about fleeces. Certainly not 4 of them 😉


  4. Most excellent 🙂 And YES, show us what you bought!


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