Today is photo day at the boys’ daycare.  I can’t wait to see how the pictures come out!  Lately Jakob’s “say cheese!” face has a big grin but tight, squinty eyes…I’m hoping for a photo that’s not too silly looking.

Speaking of daycare, I’ve been thinking about what to make for the teachers this year.  I enjoy making something for the teachers, and they’ve told me that they appreciate it too.  Now that Henri is there, that’s a second class with another set of teachers to craft for.  Plus I make something for the owner too…so this year I wanted to find something small but that would still be appreciated.

I think I’ve settled on making the teachers each a pair of wristwarmers.  It’s small, practical and even people who don’t get cold enough to wear mittens or gloves can wear them.  They’re stretchy enough to fit a variety of wrist/hand sizes, and hopefully something I can get done in a relatively short period of time.

I didn’t want to rely on stash yarn for this mainly because I figured that the only way to make it fair would be to make everyone the same pair in the same color.  I stopped at Wal-Mart today after dropping the boys off at daycare and on my way to work.  I don’t have anything against chain-store yarn; I think that every yarn has its place in the right project.  (Well…except maybe Phentex.)  All the cotton I use for dishcloths and bath sets is from either Wal-Mart or Zellers, and a lot of the yarn I use for baby projects too.

The selection was really low today.  Either they’re getting rid of the crafts department (I noticed the fabric cutting table was gone), or someone really bought them out.  I did, however, find 4 100g balls of Bernat Satin in black- exactly the color I’d been hoping to find.

I think everyone could use a pair of cute, soft, black wristwarmers.  Hopefully the teachers will think so too!  I’m going to take another look through Ravelry, but I think I’ve pretty much settled on using this pattern– the Ravenna Mitts by Meg White (probably NOT of the White Stripes).  It’s crochet- not knitting- but it looks fast while still being pretty and feminine.

While there I came across this bag of 3 “unknown fiber” balls.  1 lb of “unknown fiber”.  Some of the “unknown fiber” bags you can tell what they are, and I liked this one.  I think it is combined with rayon or nylon…the yarn looks like a woven core wrapped with a shinier strand.  I tried to get a close-up shot to show you:

I’m sure it’s 100% fake stuff, but I love yarn like this, with a silky drape and light weight, for Summer stuff.  I won’t know the exact yardage until I run it through my yardage meter, but I’m sure I have enough for a tank top or lacy shell.

So that’s today.  And lately?

I’ve been working like mad on one special project for the last 2 months.  I had a pattern approved by KnitPicks towards the end of August, and then received the yarn to get started literally the day before my tonsillectomy.  Needless to say…I didn’t get much knitting done for a few weeks.  The one time I tried I knit in the wrong color, and that was enough to teach me that if I was going to finally get this pattern published, I would have to do it right and wait until I was off pain killers.

The knitting has been finished for about a week now, and I had the pattern photos taken last Monday.  I have been spending every night since then working on typing up the pattern so I can send everything off to KnitPicks.

You’d think with this many hours of work behind it, I would feel closer to my goal.  I don’t.  I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get the pattern out in time for Hallowe’en…though I know that my 2 surgeries and work and health stuff with the kids had a lot to do with that, so I’m not beating myself up over it.  Still, now that the knitting is done I’m itching to move onto the next accepted design, but I can’t call this one “complete” until the pattern is written up.

Luckily I’ve finished all the laundry, and have nothing else to do each night for the rest of the week other than to finish the pattern.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can have it in the mail by Friday.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “2010-11-03

  1. I love looking at those 1lb bags too, and love it when I recognize the yarn. I got several bags of Patons SWS in the pink/green colours one day. Can’t beat that! Usually the yarn is a Spinrite brand, so searching through the data bases for Bernat and Patons on Ravelry can spot the ‘real’ yarn. The yarn you got reminds me of Katrina, but that doesn’t have a shiny strand. It’s a really pretty yarn!


  2. You finished the laundry???? That’s the stuff of LEGEND, woman! 🙂


  3. Wow, all the laundry is done!?? In our house the laundry never ends…! Once you think it’s done, there is more to do. LOL

    Cant wait to see the pattern for KP. I am sure this way people have PLENTY of time to knit it up for next halloween! (I think I know which one it is)

    Hope you get good school photos. We actually got FANTASTIC ones this year. So much so it cost me a fortune. But I’m in love with them. And hope they come before Chanukah, so I can frame a few for grandparents. This year we actually have the option to buy all the proofs on DVD as long as you buy one package for the contact sheet (I Had 3 contact sheets – one of each boy separate, and she took photos of them together). Hope you get good ones too!


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