well now…


That worked out well, huh?  All those photos you got?  All those tons of posts once I started back at work?

Um, yeah.  Sorry about that.  See, the thing is, I’m busy these days.  Like ALL THE TIME.  As of this post I think I knit last about a week ago, last Sunday afternoon, and what a mess that was!  Oh no- sorry, I knit on Monday at the doctor’s office during an almost 2 hr wait.

Ok, really, this is silly.  Here’s why I’m not posting, like since Henri’s been born:

-my main computer is in the basement in my office

-I upload photos from my camera to the  computer in the basement

-until very recently there was no room in the house where I could leave Henri unattended while he’s awake without putting him in a crib or playpen and hearing him scream, and I won’t do that to him just so I can go blog.

-because of the boys, life, etc, I would only manage to get downstairs to the computer to sync my camera once a week or so, and that was about all the time I had.  Forget going through, sorting, renaming or editing the photos.

-we have a really old laptop that we keep in the living room, which is how I manage to check my emails and stuff.  Before I switched to gmail I was using an email that pulled directly into my Outlook, and I never used the web mail checker.  Which meant that for most of last year I was able to check my email once every 2 weeks or so, whenever I’d have a chance to run downstairs.

-once the photos are on the computer I need to do all that sorting stuff before I can post any of them.  Only after they’re renamed, etc, are they in a folder that is accessible by the laptop via our network.  I don’t have media edition of XP, so I can’t use the remote desktop feature.  (Yet…one day soon, hopefully!)

-I keep telling myself that a) you guys don’t want posts without photos, so if I don’t have time to go down and go through the growing folders of photos, then I need to put off posting, and b) that you guys don’t want outdated stuff shoved in out of order, so I can’t post new things that are happening until I catch up on all the  backdated stuff.

But that’s just silly.  At this rate I’ll NEVER catch up.

So here’s the deal.  I’m going to post.  If I feel like writing, I’ll write.  If I have the photos to go with my post, I’ll post them.  If not, I’ll post them later, and say “this is what I was talking about”.  I’m sure you’ll get it.  And when I get the photos of the really old stuff, like Henri’s weekly photos and such, sorted out, I’ll post them too.  And if you don’t care about seeing what Henri was doing 3-6 months ago, then you can skip that post.  I won’t mind.  I’d rather you be here, reading and skipping, then going away and never coming back because I don’t post any more.

I miss you.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

5 thoughts on “well now…

  1. I miss you too! (And thanks for the oatmeal recipes!)


  2. We miss you posting too!


  3. I totally get it. I totally sympathise, and I say YES! Post what you can, when you can, and I, for one, will be utterly delighted. (says the blogless one. go on, call me a hypocrite… 😉 )
    Looking forward to hearing more ‘soon’!


  4. Pictures, schmictures! We just want more Jennifer!


  5. We miss you too! I totally get it. I have been having a b#@%! of a time getting around to blogging myself (similar with the knitting). Kid, job, husband in school, you know the drill. It really sucks up your time and blogging just isn’t the top of the list. The least we can do is be understanding to one another, right?


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