this is why I don’t blog more


My day so far:

12:00am- feed Henri.  Grumble because this is the first time in a week he’s needed to eat between 8:30am and at least 3:30pm.  Go back to bed.

2:20am- wake to Henri crying.  Annoyed that I’ll have to feed him or rock him for long enough that feeding is the preferred option.  Go to his room to realize he’s crying because he’s pooped right through his diaper and pjs.  Clean everything up and feed him.  Go back to bed.

6:40am- wake to Henri crying.  Slightly miffed that he didn’t go until at least 7:30 so I could keep him up a bit.  Don’t want 6:40 to be his new “morning wakeup” time so decide to nurse him back to sleep.  Find out that he’s pooped through his diaper, pjs and swaddle blanket this time.  Clean everything up and feed him.  Go back to bed and completely miss Yannick getting up, getting Jakob up, their breakfast time and them leaving the house.

8:30-ish- wake to Henri talking.  Stay in bed another 20 minutes while he plays then remember that it’s better to give him his acid-reflux meds at least 30 min before a feed, and he’ll want to eat soon, so go in, change him, and give him his stuff.  Take him out to play for a bit.

9:15-ish- try to feed Henri.  He seems to feel that the small amounts of Di-V-Sol, Tempra and Atarax plus his Prevacid equals enough of a meal, and only takes a few sips per side.  Play some more.

10:15-ish- Nurse Henri to sleep and put him down for a nap.  Spend 45 minutes reading blogs and putting laundry in the machine before realizing I’m still tired.

11:15- get into bed to try and nap a bit.

12:30: get woken by Henri playing in his crib.  Get up, change him, decide to feed him so I can put him down to play on his mat then I’ll be able to have some lunch.

1:15- feed Henri.  Put him on his mat.  Cut up tomato for salad.  Go back to Henri ‘cus his teether slipped out and he’s hysterical.  Cut up chicken for salad.  Soothe Henri again.  Tear up some lettuce.  Soothe Henri again.  Toss in some walnuts.  Go back to Henri, try giving him more Tempra to help his teething.  Mix salad with some dressing.  Notice Henri extremely fussy, think he’s probably tired (it’s 1:45 at this point).  Rock him to sleep.

2:00- decide to bring in the mail before eating my salad.  Discover almost a hundred baby spiders have been born on my open mailbox.  FREAK OUT.  Call Yannick to see what to do.  Hang up on him laughing.  Call my mom to see if she’s going out and can come handle it.  Call Maaike for same. 

2:15- Henri wakes up.  He’s acting hungry but I don’t want to give in and feed him so close to the last feed.  I reswaddle and put him back in bed with some music.

2:30- I take a few bites of salad while trying to figure out what to do about the spiders.  Hairspray and an open flame seem like a good idea, but I’d probably burn down my house while the spiders roam free.  Henri keeps fussing, which turns to crying.

2:45- I give in and feed him.  He takes another 15 minutes on each side before passing out.  Huh.  I guess he was hungry. 

3:15- I change into tight clothes and grab my perfume spray and a broom and head out to tackle the spiders.  Then I come back in and change.  Why the %*$% is Henri up again?  He should be out cold!

3:30- I give up completely and settle in front of my bloglines to feed Henri, who apparently hasn’t been fed all day, as he takes 10 minutes on one side, then almost 20 on the other before seeming sated enough to remove and put into bed.

4:00- I put the clothes from the washer into the dryer and put in a new load of laundry.

4:15- I remember I’d wanted to comment on some blog posts and decide to do it now that my hands are free.  I squeeze in this blog post too.  I still haven’t eaten my salad.

I’ve got max 1 hour before I need to leave to get Jakob.  I’m hoping to spend it parked on the couch ignoring everything around me (assuming Henri sleeps).

How was your day so far?

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “this is why I don’t blog more

  1. Ew spiders! Are they gone?

    What blogs do you comment on? Not mine anymore 😦


  2. did you get Yannick to kill the rest of the spiders? i would have come to help, but I would have been laughing too hard to do much good. Still debating on getting you a bunch of spider-related books “for the kids”. heh


  3. Yes, how did get rid of the spiders? Yuck!

    On days I am home with RJ I basically get nothing done. She is weaned so I don’t have that to worry about, but she is so active now that I need to keep a close eye on her. If you leave the gate open to stairs for a only a minute she’ll be halfway up the stairs!


  4. Ah, this brings it all back to me… Funny how we never think of this stuff when we’re all geared up to have babies, eh? We just think they’re, get this… “cute”. Hah! Hang in there, sweetie.


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