so confused


I’m really confused.  I thought tonight would be simple- plop onto the couch with my knitting, my notions bag, a bag of stuffing, and a bottle of water.  Turn on the TV, watch some junk food and don’t get up until I have a stuffed dinosaur in my hands.


I ran out of yarn again!  I don’t get it!

In the book it says clearly “Astra by Patons, 50g skein, each approx 178 y/163 m” then “2 skeins MC”.

Ok, so if we work in meters here, that would mean that for the main color I need 163 x 2 meters which would be 326 meters.

If the information in the book was already wrong for Astra, and the yardage was actually meant to be the current yardage, then that is 161 y/147 m.  Needing 2 balls, that would mean 147 x 2 meters, which would be 294 m.  Now, I know this isn’t the case- Astra shrunk their balls AFTER this pattern was printed.

Ok, fine.  So I need 326 meters of yarn.

The yardage for Smart Superwash, as per the ballband in my hand says “50 g = 100 meter“.  That’s why when I first ordered the yarn, believing Ravelry’s Astra yardage to be correct, I ordered 3 balls.  3 x 100 = 300 m…so I should have had enough.  Of course as we all know I soon realized that I should have checked the yardage listed in the pattern.

Ok, fine.  I’m only about 30 m short of what I need.  My LYS has 17 balls left in stock.  I buy 1 ball, I have 100 m, I have plenty.

You’d think so. 

I have no yarn left.  I still need enough MC yarn to knit the bases for the horns and for seaming.  Granted, it’s only a few yards, not even close to a full or even half ball- probably less than 1/4 of a ball.  But still- look at that photo up there.  I don’t have any excessively long tail ends except for the green of which I have plenty.  I’ve already used 400 m and NOT HAD ENOUGH to knit what should only require 326 m.

True, I didn’t run these balls through the meter counter.  I figured “why bother?” and trusted the ball bands.  Now I’m regretting that, as I have a strong feeling that the balls were all wound short.  How else can I explain this?

RRR.  Back to the LYS tomorrow!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

5 thoughts on “so confused

  1. That is crazy that it’s short on yarn again!

    I am soooo sorry Mack’s dino is causing so many issues! 😦

    It’s going to be too freakin’ cute though!

    I can’t wait to see it done!


  2. Gauge? Elves? What did you do to incur the fury of the Knitting Goddess, anyway?


  3. sucky about the missing yarn/guage issues, but whoo, that’s one nice looking table you’re blocking on. :=)

    Looks like it was made especially for the blocking boards you’re using.


  4. Have you tried weighing everything? I know there’s some other colour there, but probably not enough to really matter. It’s quite possible that if each ball was 10g short…that would add up. Or maybe there was an error in the original pattern. Does Patons list errata on their website? I don’t remember about the actual pattern, but I did do mine in several colours….perhaps they didn’t list it, or you’ve changed it. And of course, there’s the gauge issue 🙂


  5. Sorry this project has been so irritating. All those pieces look frightening to seam. I can’t wait to see the finished product!


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