an explanation


I checked the book itself (Family Circle Easy Baby Knits) and the yardage they list for Astra is 178 y (not 161 y like Ravelry) and 163 m (not 147).

Which means I needed 356 y/326 m of the main color.  By purchasing 3 balls of the Smart, I only have 324 y/297 m.  Luckily, now that I know this, I can be reassured that I only need to buy one more ball and will have enough.  (I wasn’t sure how much more I’d need).

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “an explanation

  1. Hopefully the Wool Shop has some more!


  2. It does sound like the one I made—part stegosaurus, part triceratops, LOL. Astra changed ‘formulation’ in the past few years, so the info in the book is probably the ‘old’ Astra, while Ravelry is probably the ‘new’ Astra. I believe Canadiana changed at the same time. The gauge and yardages are slightly different. I have here a ball of black Astra, that I thought was fairly current, and it says 122m(133 yards). The Patons site says 161yds/147m. Very annoying, as Astra is one of those yarns that has been around forever!


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