discovery stalled



I was looking forwards to having big news to share with you.  It appears that most of the dinosaur’s carcass has been discovered, and it was looking quite good that the remains of its dismembered corpse would have been discovered, if not by nightfall, then at least by sundown tomorrow.  All that remains to locate is the head, horns and arms of the beast…


Unfortunately, this is all that remains of my trusty supplies.  Don’t ask me how this happened.

Honestly, I’m confused.  The pattern called for 2 balls of Patons Astra in the main color.  According to Ravelry, Astra is 161 y/147 m per 50g ball.  So that’s 322 y/294 m needed.  I’m using Smart Superwash, which according to Ravelry has 108 y/99 m per ball.  My ball band says 100m.  I deliberately ordered 3 50g balls – which should give me 324 y/297 m, or just enough to finish.  There is no way I can squeeze out a head and two arms from what I have left- the photo isn’t very clear but there is maybe 1/5 or 1/6 of the ball left, maximum. 

The only thing I can guess is that Astra has changed its yardage since the pattern was written.  In any case, I’d ordered the yarn from my LYS and I have to wait until tomorrow or Monday to see if they’d ordered in only what I’d asked for, or if they have any other balls in this color in stock.  Either way I can’t keep working on the dino until I get more yarn.  That means both my remaining gift knits are stalled until further notice.  I hope this isn’t a portent of things to come for this year!

I think to try and counteract this luck I am going to revisit an old project instead of starting a new one.  Almost exactly a year ago I finished the first Sidewinder sock (my Ravely project) and I only need to knit one more to have a completed new pair of socks for myself.  I have the yarn, and I have the needles, and I have the pattern.  Hopefully nothing will come up to stall this project too!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “discovery stalled

  1. Aww, that’s too bad that there is a glitch with the yarn yarddage. I hope you’re able to acquire more yarn for it! Here’s to hoping!


  2. Now that you’ve said that, I’ll be the baby comes and stalls the sidewinder on you! Here’s hoping 🙂 It’s a nice distraction to have.

    Crossing my fingers for a girl — it’s fun to have one of each 😀


  3. Second socks are good, and tackling a hibernating WIP is excellent knitting karma.


  4. Oh no! I hate when yarn shortages forestall a project.


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