magic knitting


Magic Knitting = knitting that appears to fall off the needles, completed, as if by magic.  Knitting that gets done before you realize it.

I’m having my own little spell of Magic Knitting (hahaha).  I don’t remember if I mentioned that on Monday I’d cast on for the second of my mother-in-law’s Queen of Cups socks.  Both of my in-laws’ first Christmas socks fit perfectly, so I now have to knit their mates before the holiday is upon us.  The pattern is lace and charted, and so not as easy to knit “on the go” as other projects would be.  Therefore I’ve been using it as my nighttime, TV watching project.  The lace knit up fast, and by Wednesday night I’d turned the heel and had completed 2 of the 3 lace repeats on the foot.  Yesterday I finished the last repeat and the toes, and wove in all ends.  One gift completed- YAY!

Yannick has been coming to work with me every day while my parents are on vacation.  He’s got a bunch of renos to do before my dad comes back, and so we’ve been carpooling in the morning.  Because he prefers to drive, between getting Jakob to daycare then driving to work, I’ve had about an hour of car knitting time each morning since Wednesday.  I couldn’t work on the lace socks and manage the chart in the car, so I brought the green (and final!) Flower Scarf to work on.  It’s a simple garter-variant and requires no pattern whatsoever.

I must have really gotten into a groove Wednesday and Thursday mornings, because somehow the scarf nearly finished itself!  Last night I settled down to knit in front of the TV and my mother-in-law came to join me (they’re in again for the final office building stuff).  I didn’t want to work on my father-in-law’s socks in case he came down to watch TV too, so I pulled out the Flower Scarf instead.  I swear I only knit for about 20 minutes when I counted my rows and realized I was finished the length!  A quick weaving-in of ends later, and suddenly I was one flower and one stuffed ball away from having a second “FO” that same day.

I started the flower but it quickly grows from 9 to 243 sts and so I didn’t quite finish yesterday, but by tonight I will be done.  Photos to come next week because my in-laws are sleeping in what is still my office, and we turn the computer off while they’re here so the fan noise doesn’t bother them.

But…hopefully by Monday I’ll have a few more items knocked off my baby checklist!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “magic knitting

  1. Bravo on the FOs – sounds like you’re motoring ahead. Can’t wait to see the pics and hear about baby items. Also late with my congratulations on the turning of the little peanut – well done, little one. Your date is coming up so fast!!


  2. Send some magic kntiting my way please 🙂


  3. And to me if there’s any left over!


  4. Wow, I wish I had some magic knitting. 😉 Perhaps when my parents are here I will discover some. I can’t wait to see all your finished projects!


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