blame Tara


It’s all Tara’s fault.

I’ve been a little knitting restless lately, because I’m knitting for hire but occassionally I get stretches of time where I’m waiting for an instruction so I need something else to work on while I wait. I’m not going to randomly cast on for a sock or something and have ANOTHER unfinished object lying around. I have a few projects I’d like to start, but Maaike and I agreed we’d do mini “KAL”s for them, and so I need to wait for her to be ready, plus since I have Veronik’s knitting as a priority, I really need something I can pick up or put down without any guilt that someone is waiting for me to catch up.

Then Tara goes and mentions the Pinwheel Blanket she’s been working on. Which reminded me how long I’ve wanted to knit one. And how I have a perfect excuse. Plus how it is mindless and pretty-much patternless, which means I can pick it up and put it down whenever I want without making notes in a chart, or taking a note of my row count.

So I blame Tara for the fact that I am about to go stash diving for suitable yarn while I await an instruction clarification. I had no intent of casting on anything new, I swear.

It’s Tara’s fault.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “blame Tara

  1. Mwahahahahaha!!!!! My evil plan is succeeding at last! 🙂

    You’ve TOTALLY got the perfect excuse to knit a baby blanket. Did you cast on yet? Didja didja didja?


  2. LOL nice. It looks like a nice blanket..and now that i am done my socks…hmmmmm


  3. We all need friends like Tara! Love the pinwheel blanket. Have you cast on yet? Come on…what are you waiting for???


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