more stash fun!


This is an old post, I had saved it as a draft on April 3rd while waiting to see if it was ok to post Robyn’s April Sock Club kit, and then forgot to publish the post.
Isn’t this gorgeous? It’s similar to the first sock club yarn but still different, and I really, really LOVE the colors. I also think the sock pattern itself is fabulous. It’s so simple, but the effect is really stricking, and I am looking forwards to knitting it.
Here’s a closeup of the yarn. Isn’t it beautiful?

p.s. It doesn’t count as stash purchasing because I told Robyn I wanted to buy it last year.

Other recent stash aquisitions that are not purchases that break my “year of the stash” rule because they are for specific projects:

Black Regia 4ply for Yannick’s mom’s Christmas socks. She wants the Queen of Cups pattern from (I’m too tired to go look up the exact link right now). I have black sock yarn in my stash but one set is acrylic and I’m not giving her that, and the other is Sisu which I haven’t yet washed and I’m afraid to give her something that pills badly. No one is really interested in my knitting and they always hear Yannick rave about his socks and they have admired how well the Regia is after being thrown in the washer and dryer all the time…I’m afraid to switch brands and give them something that doesn’t wear well and have them disappointed with how the socks turn out. (I say “them” because I’m also going to knit a plain stockinette pair for Yannick’s dad).
This is the Dream in Color Smooshy I picked up from Robyn’s shop. I know what you’re thinking, but this really isn’t a purchase. I fell hard for the shawl pattern “Jeannie” from the Winter Knitty, and had Yannick help me choose a color. I wanted black or red but he chose the color “Into the Mystic” from the Dream in Color website. I didn’t think it was what I wanted (I didn’t think it went with black as well as it would probably go with denim) so he said that if I knit it and wasn’t happy with the final result, he’d pay me back for the yarn. I thought I’d ordered it right away but after the New Year I contacted the company and it turns out I’d never placed the order. Right when I was about to order it Robyn told me she was getting some into her shop, so I ended up ordering it from her. In the end the colorway looks NOTHING like what it does online, but I really love the color it turned out to be! It’s going to be one gorgeous shawl.
This is a bunch of Patons yarn that I picked up for my submission to the 2008 Mary Maxim design contest. You have to use yarns from certain brands, so I bought this for my 2 submissions.

Well, that’s it. More yarn added to my stash, although no unlawful purchasing has been done. 🙂

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “more stash fun!

  1. My April kit is NOTHING like my September kits. Colors are totally different!

    Tuquoise/brown/yellow and dark brown/teal/orange…. Different shades! LOL.

    I can’t wait to see your shawl!

    I only brought Dream in Color into the shop b/c you asked me to! LOL…. It was never a thought in my mind before you asked me if I could get it! LOL… but I love it – so thank you for the suggestion!

    Can’t wait to hear about your submissions…..! When’s the deadline?


  2. You have some lovely new yarn! The shawl in that color should be gorgeous.

    I’m excited to see your submissions using the Patons.


  3. Nice stash enhancement! Now I want to see what the ENTIRE stash looks like 😉


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