8 thoughts on “can you find me?

  1. Your face is still the same!

    I know which ones you are….. now let’s see if others can pick you out!!!!


  2. I suck at this…
    But I must say your mom ROCKS for keeping those old Zellers flyers!!!


  3. I’m really bad at this, but I’ll try…

    Top flyer, are you on the bottom row, 2nd from the left?

    Top flyer, maybe the one in the middle?

    It’s so cool that you have these, and Jakob’s also!


  4. I have no idea! But I think it’s great that your mom kept these.


  5. Oh I can tell lol but like Robyn I will let others guess!!! I agree ur face is the same 🙂


  6. I say 2nd baby, 2nd row. Same smile…


  7. I don’t think I’m very good at this, but my guess is top flyer, top row in the middle, and in the bottom flyer, the second from the left?


  8. I’ve totally got you pegged on the top one (bottom row, second baby from the left), but the bottom flyer has me stumped. Furthest on the right???


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