thursday and friday


You know that ad that seems to run every so often, the one that has the baby in a high chair all covered in spaghetti and spaghetti sauce? The one that makes you wonder how long it took to stage?

For the first time, I believe it wasn’t staged. I also don’t entirely blame the baby. See this mess?
I did it. It was so horrible, I felt like I was in a sitcom. I was about to put Jakob’s supper on the counter to cool but I must have let my hands relax without realizing it, because the next thing I knew the bowl was on the floor and its entire contents were splattered all over the floor, cabinets, counter tops, high chair and even the patio window. Ugh. I think his supper that night was a mix of pasta, chili sauce, brussel sprouts, corn and carrots, but all I can remember is chasing the little pasta balls around the kitchen. Every time I thought I’d found them all…I’d step on another one.

My local library has a section of used books for sale, and I take a look every time I go in. I realized I’d forgotten to post about the different books I’d purchased, so here you go:

This craft book looks very interesting. The whole book is full of full-page color photos, and the crafts will be fun once Jakob is older.
This one looked good too. Did I mention they were $2 each?
The best score, hands-down, was this collection:

I don’t remember how many I bought, but they were only $0.25 each, and each issue has knitting patterns, crochet patterns and all kinds of other crafts. How cool!

Finally, here’s Mommy with Jakob at 46 weeks.

Look at those teeth! His last top front tooth came in today, so that makes all 4 of his top front teeth, and his center 2 bottom teeth. I was going to leave you with this photo and end this post, but I couldn’t resist showing you the next one.
You’d have to know him in person to know what he’s doing here. See his little mouth? He blows kisses at you! I took this photo right as he started to pucker up. It’s so cute, out of the blue he’ll just look at you and start kissing the air. If he’s really feeling affectionate, he’ll pull you close and give you a kiss right on the cheek or lips.

Coming soon…a recap of Saturday and Sunday with Sally Melville and the latest since the weekend.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

5 thoughts on “thursday and friday

  1. Look at that smile! Maxime has 2 teeth cutting through now – it’s been lots of fun >:P


  2. Just wait til he gets his molars. Oh fun! Joy! Can you tell my sarcasm?

    I’ve totally done a mess in the kitchen with accidents like that, and then blamed it on the kid – LOL>… 🙂


  3. ps- DE Review on your sidebar doesn’t exist anymore. They moved to “simple”…. I think the link is on their last post.


  4. I’ve made messes like that many times before. I am a first class klutz.

    Jakob looks so cute! All those lovely teeth. 🙂

    Good score on the library sale!


  5. Jakob is just the cutest little sweetie-pie! Oh, and messes like that are no problem if you have a dog or two in the house. It’s amazing how helpful they can be! 🙂


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