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I’ve been informed that some of you (*cough* Jackie *cough*) don’t come here for the knits, you come here for Jakob photos. And apparently I’ve been slacking off in my Jakob photos. Well, voila!

Makes “hitting the bottle” seem appropriate, huh?

I thought it was only older kids who preferred to play with the boxes gifts come in!

This was from Monday. We didn’t have anywhere fancy to go, just playgroup, but I loved this outfit on him when he wore it to the bar mitzvah in Toronto and that was the only time he wore it, and now it’s getting too small. The pants still fit okay, and I can probably pull off the vest a while longer, but the shirt length is way too short- when he brings his arms up it’s a belly top.

Ha ha- see what I did there? I snuck some knitting in atcha. πŸ™‚

It’s funny- he looks so blonde in this photo but it’s not like that in real life. He looks much too grown up though!

Now, back to the knitting. I’m really enjoying knitting the Noro scarf even though I made one mistake. For the first 8 stripes or so I forgot I was stranding the unused color up the side and began each new color row as usual- tugging the yarn up to knit with it. Silly me forgot that tahis would make it pull up, and sure enough there is no slack on the right edge of those first few rows. Now to make sure I include enough slack to avoid this, I wrap the yarn once around my needle before making the first stitch. On my return row I just drop the wrap off the needle, and it leaves me with enough yarn loose on the side to match the looseness of the other side of the work. It’s quick and easy and avoids me having to remember and pay attention to leave some slack when I start each new colored stripe.

Maaike– this part is for you. Here’s my progress from last night on the Striped Scarf.

Total stripe count as of Wednesday, January 30 – 20 stripes. You?

Today’s stripe count and my Thursday photo with Jakob later.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

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  1. I do love how little boys look in sweater vests. πŸ™‚ Maybe our next one will be a boy and I can have the best of all worlds. πŸ˜‰


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