eight months

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According to What to Expect the First Year:
By eight months, your baby

…should be able to:

-bear some weight on legs when held upright CHECK- oh my- He’s been standing with support since he was about 3 months old!
-feed self a cracker WE STILL HAVEN’T TRIED

-rake with fingers an object and pick it up in fist CHECK
-turn in the direction of a voice CHECK

-look for a dropped object CHECK

…will probably be able to:

-pass a cube or other object from one hand to another CHECK
-stand holding on to someone or something CHECK
-object if you try to take a toy away NO- he’ll tighten his grip but he’s not possessive yet
-play peekaboo CHECK
-get into a sitting position from stomach NO

…may possibly be able to:

-creep or crawl I’M NOT SURE does it count when he can get anywhere he wants to go by rolling and “scootching” his body?
-pull up to standing position from sitting WITH HELP
-pick up tiny objects with any part of thumb and finger CHECK
-say “mama” or “dada” indiscriminately CHECK He says “dadadada” and “babababa” all the time

…may even be able to:

-play patty-cake (clap hands) or wave bye bye KINDA- he claps his hands against other things to make noise
-walk holding on to furniture (cruise) NO
-stand alone momentarily CHECK but I don’t think it is real “standing”
-understand “no” (but not always obey it) NOT SURE- we’re trying to save saying “no” for important times so he doesn’t end up ignoring the word from hearing it all the time.

Mommy with Jakob at 35 weeks (also exactly 8 months old)

Did I mention yet that I’m in love with this kid? We went to the movies yesterday and I kept losing focus on the movie because he was asleep in my arms and I had to keep looking at him and how adorable he was asleep and how much I loved having him in my arms. Addictive, these kids are. 🙂 (Remind me to tell you another time how pissed I am at the movie theater though).

Today we spent a nice day at home. It’s really starting to hit me how soon I’m going back to work (in Feb!!!) and I’m trying to spend as much quality time with Jakob as I can. We play together, we read books together, even just lying in bed together and tickling each others’ faces…I’m SO going to miss our days alone together! I know he will be coming to work with me, but it won’t be the same.

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  1. Awww, what a cutie! I love his t-shirt by-the-way. 😉


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