confessions suck


Do you know how many times over the last week I have sat down at the computer to post? I’ve lost count. I check my email, then click over to Blogger and…something happens. Baby crying, phone ringing, kettle whistling, etc…etc…

But right now no phone is ringing, the baby is playing with his toys and there is nothing in the kettle so I’m giving this a shot! In the 6 days since I posted last a strange rash was broken out, a doctor was visited, a medicinal allergy was discovered, antihistamines were taken and the rash disappeared. We’re still working on the itching. Friends were spoken to and caught up with, friends were visited with, a new baby was met and cuddled, an old friend was seen again and new friends were hung out with and a good time was had by all. Swimming lessons were started, splashing occurred, a first shower was taken and pool-time was greatly enjoyed. Unpacking was done, laundry was done, more laundry was done, cleaning was done, another suitcase was found with (crap) more laundry to do and some stuff has been folded. Playgroup was held and visiting with other moms (and a dad) was done and discussions on breasts, bottles, periods, sex after baby and oh so much more were held. Laughter ensued. MUCH laughter ensued. (I think we scared the dad).

All in all it’s been a pretty busy week for our first week home. I was the one with the medicinal allergy- turns out that I’m allergic to the penicillin derivative I took for the mastitis. Symptoms appeared a full 2 weeks after I stopped the meds– crazy, huh?

But enough of this boring stuff- I know why you’re here. It’s for the photos, huh? Something quick you can skim your eyes over and race on to the next blog. Well here you go. I’ll put some trip photos in another post. This post is dedicated to my weekly Jakob photos and knitting.

Mommy with Jakob at 29 weeks.
Ignore the nasty pink pj shirt. (Yannick calls it my PeptoBismal shirt).

Mommy with Jakob at 30 weeks.

I’m not putting a photo at 31 weeks. I forgot to take one of the two of us, and for Jakob alone it would be the holiday photo I posted just before I left so you’ve seen it already.

Mommy with Jakob at 32 weeks.

No photo for 33 weeks as we were away from each other, and no photo for 34 weeks either ‘cus apparently an 11 day break in schedule is enough for me to forget I took weekly photos, and I never took one last week. Sorry!

Now then. I have a confession to make. I don’t want to make it, and as you can tell by the title of this post, I’m not thrilled about making it, but I will make it anyways.

Maaike was right.

Arrfrghrhghrhrhgbhgbhgh that hurt! 🙂

Let me explain. Ever since our move my ball winder and meter counter have been missing, packed up somewhere amidst the 100 boxes we have left to unpack. Yes I moved almost 7 months ago. Shhh.

A few days before I left on my trip Maaike came over with her ball winder and we set upon my sock yarn stash. I knew I wanted to bring some sock yarn with. Socks were the perfect project- small enough to stow in my purse so I could have them with me at all times, and depending on the pattern, mindless enough for me to knit for a few minutes here and there while saving seats for the show or even in the dark during a show. Hell, I think a few times I even knit while walking around the boat, waiting in line at Passenger Services or for Bingo cards, or while waiting for my family to show up at dinner.

I couldn’t decide which to bring so in my over-eager innocence I might have decided to bring with a tad too much yarn. Maaike laughed. Yannick (when he found out what was going on) agreed with Maaike and laughed. I didn’t think it was so funny. Of course I brought with too much sock yarn! Some days I’d be relaxing by the pool for a few hours so I could work on something with a chart or three. Other days my knitting would be stuffed in and pulled out of my bag so often that I would need stockinette or ribbing or something that didn’t require frequent looking at a pattern. What’s that old motto- “be prepared”?

Apparently I didn’t realize that I’d brought with enough yarn to knit 7.5 pairs. That’s 15 socks. I went on an 11 day cruise. This really didn’t seem odd to me.

This photo shows the knitting I actually got done on the cruise. Remember the Fibonacci socks? I’d knit the first one during the holidays about 2 years ago, then put them aside. I brought with the remaining pink and cream Regia 4-ply and cast on for the toe on the plane to Fort Lauderdale. I clearly didn’t knit as fast as I could have, nor as often. I must have spent way too much lazy time taking the sun, going on excursions or enjoying the ship’s facilities as it took me just over a week to knit the second sock. I got speedier after that. The project to the right is the beginning of a Sidewinder Sock using black/red/white Regia Winter Color from my LYS. I would have had the first sock finished before leaving the boat but I was afraid to lose my addi turbo needle at the airport with US customs so I packed it up. I brought some bamboo dpns with for airport knitting (thanks Robyn!) and I cast on for Mona’s Barcelona Socks (the November Mystery Socks) while waiting in line at the Air Canada counter. The yarn is Trekking hand art and the color is Karibik, also from my LYS. I got 4 rows done before putting it away and I could have had more done had I not chosen to sleep the entire plane ride home. THAT was a flight well wasted!

This, uh, next photo shows the rest of the yarn that I brought and didn’t knit. I can explain, I swear! Ok, starting from the left is the Socks That Rock mediumweight in Gingerbread Dude. I brought that to knit the Rock and Weave sock pattern. I started/swatched on the bus in Puerto Limon while driving past banana and pineapple plantations. I got as far as you can see above when I realized my gauge was off. I needed bigger needles- which were at home. I’d brought every size from 3.75mm down. Now I needed 4mm. That project got thrown aside in favor of the Sidewinders. Next along the top is some brown/black/white Regia Winter Color which was destined to be Jaywalkers but now that Yannick has seen my Sidewinders he wants a pair for himself so I might give the brown ones to him. The blue ball in the middle is Colinette Jitterbug in Jewel, which, unless I find a pattern that isn’t obscured by all the flecks of color, will be knit into plain stockinette socks. Moving up again to the black ball, that’s Socks That Rock lightweight in Obsidian, a black/brown subtle color that will be gorgeous as a pair of Boyfriend Socks for Yannick. The last ball, the orange/turquoise one, is Time To Go by Lotus Yarns, and was the October (and first) yarn in the Robyn’s Nest Sock Club. I am going to be knitting a plain sock with an eyelet pattern out of one of Barbara Walker’s books, but silly me, I forgot the pattern at home.

I probably shouldn’t mention this…but these two balls? The purple The Flirting Kind by Yarn Oddity (Robyn’s Nest’s November Sock Club) and the Socks That Rock lightweight in Fire on the Mountain that Yannick had bought for me? These were balls wound in anticipation of coming on the trip but I pulled them out of my bag at the last minute. I thought that two more balls of sock yarn would be, honestly, too much to bring.

Stop laughing.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “confessions suck

  1. LOL – you’re too funny. And you wondered why I kept laughing at you when you wanted to wind “just one more ball” and ended up with – what was it – 9 balls??

    My real question though is – who is the dude picking his nose on the TV behind you on the first picture?

    Glad you’re back. Can’t wait to see the vacation pictures.


  2. Well, better too much than too little, I say. Afterall, several of the things you brought along didn’t work out for various reasons. What if you had only brought those things? Anyway, I know people who bring 10 pairs of shoes on a 3 day trip. Yarn is much lighter, so you shouldn’t feel bad. 😉

    For the Jitterbug, do you need one skein or two for a pair of socks? I got one skein in a gift exchange and I am wondering if I should pick up another. They will be my first pair of socks.


  3. Wow, that was indeed a lot of socks. A little over-eager, perhaps? Glad to have you back! To Maaike: I think the nose-picker is Charlie Sheen.


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