halfway super


Today I took Jakob on some errands, and he looked so cute in his little black hoodie that I just had to share this photo.
We went to the post office because I was hoping my Blue Moon order was in, but it turned out just to be Jakob’s passport. Something about his little baby face in a passport really cracks me up!

In the evening Maaike and Erika came over for a knit-night. Robyn was supposed to come too but Sean was sick so they stayed home. I regret to inform you that not a stitch was knit all night. However, much playing was done and yummy supper was made and enjoyed by all.

Hopefully, once Jakob goes to bed, I will get a chance to keep working on his costume. In the meantime, here’s a progress shot:

We’re halfway there!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “halfway super

  1. Cute pic! Jakob looks totally enthralled by Erika.

    Fess up – it was the blue moon order you picked at the post office up but you just want to fondle my yarn for a few more days. 🙂

    Next time we get togteher, we make sure that there’s at least one non-knitting adult around who will watch the kids so that we can knit!

    Will the costume have sleeves? What about a cape? Sorry to rain on your parade, but if it does, you’re only about 1/3 of the way there.

    Having seen it in person though, I can say that it will look super cute and you’ll have all of the neighbours giving YOU lots of chocolate. (all the better for me). heh. nuff said. 😉


  2. Jakob is getting so adorable!! Great photos of him!!

    The costume is looking great!! Cant wait until its all done!



  3. Wow! It’s really starting to come together! You can really visualize the finished project with that picture. Great work!


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