Saturday and Sunday, Sept 1 and 2

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On Saturday Yannick went to do some work at his sister’s new house, so after a late lunch together he took off and Jakob and I hung out around the house.

Even though everyone tells me he’s too young, I KNOW Jakob is teething, and I gave him a teething ring for the first time this week to give him something besides his fingers to chew on. He loved it! It’s a bit too big for him though since he can’t get it into his mouth.

I did some knitting during the day but I can’t show it because it was a swatch with oversized acrylic yarn, just to test out some shaping ideas. I’ve since ripped it back and had forgotten to photograph it.

That night we went for an early supper with our friends Jackie and Kevin, and their son Bradley. It’s fun going out with other friends who have kids- I don’t feel guilty for going home early so I can put Jakob to bed on time, since they have to do the same. It was a bit odd going for supper at 5:45 though, but by the time we were eating I guess it was closer to 6:30, which is around the same time we eat at home.

After supper Yannick and I checked out the video game store next door to the restaurant. They have a huge used section and we always look for new (to us) games to buy. We have 3 video game systems so we have a lot of options to choose from! The only system we don’t have that I would want would be the Nintendo Wiicus I hear that playing the games are good exercise, plus they have “brain” games which I like. But for now we haven’t even finished remodeling our den, so we don’t need to start adding new game systems! We did find 2 games to buy. We went to a 24-hr grocery store to do a much-needed order, then came home.

After I fed and put Jakob to bed, we sat down to relax. Yannick played his new video games and I did some more swatching. One of the games didn’t turn out to be any good but the other is a sequel to a game we both loved (and Yannick conquered last year), and it is a blast! (The games are God of War I and II, if any gamers read this blog). I don’t usually play the action games ‘cus I get dizzy when I can’t make the figure on screen do what I think my hands are trying to make him do, but I love to watch and offer advice. I also love it when Yannick is stuck at the puzzle areas and I’ll make a suggestion that turns out to be correct, like “what if you made the pendulum swing” or something.

On Sunday Yannick had to finish up his work so I vegged with Jakob again.

Yannick got home in time for a late supper with us, and as soon as I’d finished eating and put Jakob down for his last nap before bed, I left to go to the pharmacy. Monday the 3rd is Yannick’s birthday AND our first wedding anniversary, and while I had his gifts, I’d forgotten to stop and buy cards. I remembered to look at the teething rings, and found 2 small ones that Jakob could fit into his mouth, plus they can go in the fridge to get cold, so I bought those, and I also picked up a birthday card to Daddy from Jakob, and cards for my brother and 3 best friends, all of whose birthdays are in September. (Combine the birthdays with the Jewish High Holidays and it’s a crazy month! Thank Gd I don’t have to worry about Back-to-School yet!) When I got home I fed Jakob for the last time before bed, put him down to sleep and Yannick and I caught up on another chapter of Harry Potter #7.

Author: Jennifer Lori

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One thought on “Saturday and Sunday, Sept 1 and 2

  1. I can’t wait to hear what you think of how Harry Potter ends!

    Wow, Jakob is already teething! What an overachiever! 🙂


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