Monday and Tuesday, Sept 3 and 4

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Monday was our first anniversary and Yannick’s birthday, and since the only time Yannick usually sees Jakob is at night for an hour or so, we decided that rather than dumping him off with my parents and having a day to ourselves, we’d instead spend the day as a family.

We spent the morning sleeping in (well, he did, anyways) and playing with Jakob in bed. We had a nice lunch together, then in the afternoon packed up the car and went over to Pointe-Claire Village. We parked near the water then walked up and down the strip, enjoying a yummy ice cream cone while we strolled. After our walk we set up a blanket and took Jakob out of his stroller to relax and play. We took lots of photos of Jakob, and then I fed him while Yannick read the latest chapter of Harry Potter to us, out loud. (It’s the chapter where they discuss the sword, for those who have read it. For those who haven’t, that should be vague enough to not be a spoiler).

We did some more tummy time with our little squirt…
…then came home to cut our wedding cake and see how well it held up after being in the freezer for a year. (Luckily we’d remembered to thaw it earlier!) It was very good, but it was Kirsch-flavored, and after a year of sitting…the alcohol taste was very strong. Too strong for me. But the buttercream icing was yummy!

In keeping with our day of family, we decided to have supper with my family, and that we wanted to share our wedding cake with our loved ones. We cut it in half to bring to my parents’ house, kept 1/4 wrapped in the fridge for Yannick’s parents, and the rest of the remaining 1/4 for us.

Happy Birthday Yannick!

We took another family walk when we got home then gave Jakob a nice bath before bed. I have to start remembering to put on a shlumpy shirt before his bath so I don’t mind getting splashed when he kicks!

Early Tuesday morning I heard Jakob fussing as if something was wrong, but it stopped after a few moments. When I went to check on him this was what I found- he’d rolled onto his tummy but fell back asleep! This is officially the first time he has slept on his stomach. I didn’t know what to do, since he was still swaddled and didn’t have his hands free to push himself up, so I turned him back over onto his back for the rest of the night. I know that once he can turn over by himself it is ok for him to be on his tummy, but I don’t think he can turn over without his hands.

Once we’d woken up for the day I took him to the Wool Shop to buy some yarn for the second item I’m considering submitting to Knitty. I had sketched the item last year but if I didn’t submit it now I would have to wait until next year (because of the season). I spent the afternoon knitting and unpacking some boxes, and did the same through the night because bowling started again so Yannick wasn’t home until late.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

One thought on “Monday and Tuesday, Sept 3 and 4

  1. Happy anniversary to you both and happy birthday to Yannick! Wow, I can’t believe you actually saved your cake! We ate ours after 6 months or so (it was taking up too much room in the freezer).


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