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I’ve gotten a few more comments than usual lately (prompted, I’m quite sure by my mention on Stephanie’s blog). I’m not complaining- quite the opposite, I’m thrilled! But now I’m feeling guilty for not replying to everyone. It is hard when someone writes to me as anonymous or puts a name but doesn’t have a blog so all I see is Blogger’s standard “noreply” email address. So I’m going to address some of the more recent comments here. 🙂

Jan wrote:
I’m so happy for both of you 🙂 What is your due date?

I don’t remember if I answered this already. Our original due date was the 25th of May (although every online calculator gave me the 23rd of May). When we went for our ultrasound the technician upped the date to May 19th, so that’s what we’re going with for now.

Allycupe wrote:
Wow I just flipped over here after reading about you on Yarnharlot. Congrats on your new wee one..imagaine all the knitting you can get done between now and then! Wool diaper covers, blankets, socks, sweaters… could be ENDLESS!

Tell me about it! I’ve had fun knitting for the babies of friends and family members, but now I get to do it for me! It does seem endless…I’ve knit a black cardigan that needs the buttons attached, the Just Ducky hat/socks set, a matching Froggy hat/socks set…now I’m knitting a cardigan and hat out of sock yarn plus I have 2 more cardigans that I want to make with the sock yarn, plus the Debbie Bliss alphabet blanket, plus there are some cute things on…plus a whole bunch of toys… there aren’t enough hours in the day!

Caroline wrote:
Jennifer, you rock. Seriously, taking the time to call Patons and making the pattern available for everyone? That’s incredibly generous of you.

:} You’re sweet! I just didn’t want to get in trouble for giving it out! But I also felt horrible saying “the pattern is from XXX book but you can’t have a copy because you can’t buy it any more so I have it and you don’t nyah nyah”. I weighed the odds…and plus they are located in Canada and have a toll-free number, so it didn’t cost me much to ask, just a few minutes of my time. (Plus the lady called me back while I was at work, and any excuse to take a break is a good thing!)

Carin, KnittingNervana, Katnfiddle, Kat with a K, Sherry, Anonymous knitter from NYC with a bowler hubby, Alisha, Llamabean125, Laurie (Moo!), Karen, Bobbie, Elizabeth, Kristine, Kathe, Shannon, Carrie and Jay Jay wrote to comment on the cool bowling socks or to congratulate Yannick and I on the wedding and baby news. A huge thank-you to all of you, because it means a lot that people who don’t really know me that well are taking the time to wish us (and our little 3″ bundle) good tidings.

Kristine also wrote:
I was thinking the same thing as knitting mama! Lots of food talking for someone who’s not eating! My thought though, as it so often is, is your body knows what it’s doing. Maybe the reason you’re not nauseaus is that you’re not eating so much that your stomach and the baby are competing for room?

LOL. I can mention a lot of food because I’m not nauseous (except the time I tried going to a Chinese buffet…NOT a good idea!). I have no problem seeing the food on the table, or watching others eat. But within a few bites of my own meal I get this “heat” feeling spread down from my chest to my belly, and I am instantly full. Full enough that it takes effort to force down a few more bites. But I LOVE food, so can talk about it endlessly! :] I have no idea if the baby and my belly are in competition for the same places, although my belly has been pretty big for the last year or so and I would imagine there is plenty of room. 😉

and finally,

Julia wrote:
Jennifer, I am an avid Charming Tails collector and mouse lover. My whole tree is mice, and I would love to see your wreath close up so I could get an idea of what you did. Could you either post or email a larger picture?

Wow…someone else who goes through the archives? I’m flattered! About a photo- I don’t have one at the moment, but in about a week or so we will be starting to dig out our holiday decorations (I didn’t say Christmas decorations because we decorate for Hanukah too) and I will be sure to take a detailed photo when we put the wreath up. I can tell you that it is just a store-bought wreath that we wrapped a strand of white miniWow…someone else like me who goes through the archives when they find a blog they like? I’m lights around, and a strand of silver…what’s that stuff? Not tinsel…the long fluffy “rope” of glitter…anyways, one of those strands. The mice that are on it are the 12 days of Christmas series, and about another 7 or so ornament mice, including the blown glass one hanging in the center.

I can show you pics of my collection though! I first noticed them 4 years ago when I bought Yannick a rose dipped in solid gold for his birthday and went to a collectible store to buy a case for it. I saw the mouse on the beach in the oyster shell holding a pearl and thought it was so cute! Next to it on the shelf was the one with the mouse sitting on the pillow and yawning and I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw his face. A few weeks later I quit smoking, and as a reward every week I took the money I would have spent on cigarettes and spent it on a mouse. Later my family and Yannick started buying me some as gifts.
I store them on glass shelves in our dining room. They will have to be moved if we ever change the furniture, but for now I am happy to have them out where people can see them and admire them.These are the bottom two shelves. You can see the one with the pearl towards the left end, and the yawning mouse towards the right. You can also see some of the ornaments…the ones that can’t stand on their own I let hang from the shelf supports.

This one shows the top and middle shelf. I have two of the Canadian limited edition mice, and there are two mice that Yannick used when we were talking about getting married. The mouse surrounded by gems and holding a diamond was his way of saying that a ring was coming, and then once we were engaged he bought me the one near the center of the middle shelf…the guy mouse is facing the girl mouse (I’m too lazy to look up their names right now…Maxine and Maxwell or something?) and holding a diamond ring behind his back. I love the name of that one… “I have a question for you”. They have really cute names some of them, like the one of the mouse dieting and standing on a scale is called “Just Weight”.This is one of my favorites. Yannick had bought it for me a while ago and we decided it was something we wanted to include in our wedding…so it was the topper on our wedding cake!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

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  1. Cute mice! (especially the one you used for the cake topper)


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