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I just had the coolest customer service experience!

Back in October I had ordered a book, Knitting Ganseys, from Amazon. Every few weeks I get an email telling me that the shipment will be delayed, and as of this morning it wouldn’t be delivered until January 23rd. I’m a little fed up of waiting, so I chose a new book I wanted (Knitting Vintage Socks) and decided to see if I could switch one book for the other.

You know how when you call customer service you normally have to wait…and wait…and wait until someone is free to talk to you? With Amazon’s customer service it’s not like that! It was so cool…a little window pops up and you put in your phone number and tell it when you want them to call you…right away, in 5 minutes, in 10 minutes, etc…

I put in my work number and chose “right away”. The window changed to say “answer your phone”.

It was like magic. My phone rang.

I answered it and heard that dead air followed by ringing that told me that I was now calling them (like when telemarketers call and you answer the phone to hear ringing). Within 2 minutes a rep was on the phone and I had switched one book for the other, with a shipping date of November 24th.

And my new shipping rate is lower than the original one.

How can you beat that?

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

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