i’m really behind but

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to all those who came to my blog while I was on my honeymoon and complimented the Poodle Skirt…thank you! I’m so happy that my tutorial could help even one person, much less the bunch of you who thanked me for putting it out there, and telling me that you needed something like it and found my link. Whether you found me by browsing or via Craftster…thank you!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

One thought on “i’m really behind but

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    No idea how I came across your blog, but it is so entertaining and well written that i’ve been reading it for a while now…small cyber-world I suppose, since we were in S.I.T’s together oh so many years ago.

    Just wanted to wish you mazal tov on your wedding. You and Yannick seem like a very happy couple. All the best in your new lives together.

    take care, Carin Schwartz

    btw- your knitting projects are stunning… makes me want improve my own very sad needle skills.


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