but not wedding photos, I’m still going through those.

This is the progress on Yannick’s Birthday Socks. I’m not letting myself knit anything else until this pair is done and on his feet.Check out that symmetry! I managed to get them both started at exactly the same spot! I like fraternal socks every once in a while, but this pair twinned up perfectly!

This is the Honeymoon Shawl (Fiber Trends’ Shoalwater Shawl). It will be next to finish once the Bday socks are done.You can’t tell from this photo (lace photographs horribly pre-blocking!) but this shawl is actually pretty big so far.
I tried to show a bit of the lace, but since this pattern is more flowy- than patterned, it doesn’t show well.

Remember the Bowling Socks? I’m thinking they’ll be a Hanukah gift now, as I have a lot of stuff I want to knit before next summer…and the time keeps ticking away.

On a last note, here’s something we found at the Dollar Store near my grandmother’s condo in Hallandale. Proof that you can buy anything in the States.Moses- the Action Figure!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “photos

  1. I love the striping on the socks! Very cool and manly. The shawl looks like it’s coming along too. I can’t wait to see it all blocked. Ivory shawls are so lovely and wearable!

    LOL at the Moses action figure! Is he a tub toy? (gotta part the sea, afterall)


  2. That action figure is hysterical!


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