as if i don’t have enough on my plate

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…as of last count I have 12 wips total. This covers stuff that has been cast on with 1 row knit for the last 2 years, and stuff that is finished knitting but needs a lining sewn in before I can call it “done”. 12 wips. 2 of which need to be completed by Labor Day weekend. So what do I do? Add 2 more for the same deadline!

(The blonde might not be natural, but feels that way sometimes!)*

Yannick has been hinting not-so-subtly that he’d like more pairs of knit socks. His attempts at not-so-subtleness involve coming out and telling me that it’s his turn for a pair. I decided to surprise him for his birthday this year and knit him a pair. He didn’t think they counted as a birthday gift. I reminded him that
a) they were good enough for a Valentine’s Day gift last year, and a Christmas gift the year before
b) any gift that costs money plus 100s of hours to knit is a damned good gift
c) we are getting married on his birthday, and technically *I* am his gift. The socks are a bonus.

To be somewhat sneaky, I decided to add a 2nd pair, so he will be getting 2. I don’t know why I think this benefits me, as while yes, I do get the benefit of surprising him, I also now have the task of knitting him 2 pairs by Sept 3rd, along with the Lacy Shrug for the Amazing Lace and the charity baby blanket, also due by Sept.

To make matters much worse, I am really tempted to knit him a pair of intarsia socks instead from a Monarch Hand Knit Sock Book my grandmother gave me. It cost $0.35 and has a copyright to the Monarch Knitting Company in Dunnville, Ontario 1951. They have a bowling pin and ball, which would be really cool because he starts bowling again in September and they could be his “lucky pair”.

You can’t see the other side, but it says “STRIKE” at an angle with a ball. I can’t get in 3 pairs by that deadline, but I’m stuck because I’m already 25 rows into the pair I just started. I’d be upset to finish these and do the bowling ones, because I bought him a nice ball of Regia with cotton for the summertime, which I’d planned as his second pair. Of course, while typing this I’m realizing that I’m only giving him the socks in Sept, by which time the summer is over. Hmm…this means I can pull off the bowling pair and the striped pair by Sept and save the cotton ones for part of his Christmas gift.

Thanks blog! See, for the few of you who write me with comments, I keep writing this blog. And by writing this blog, I brainstorm. And by brainstorming, I realize my problems aren’t really problems. Thanks guys!

THIS JUST IN: I went through the pattern books again, and found another one from my Bubbie: Beehive Hand Knits FOR MEN, also $0.35. It doesn’t say the year, but its from Patons & Baldwins Limited, Toronto 10. I love the fact that in many of the images, the men are smoking or holding unlit cigarettes.
I like this pair better, and will attempt at making it for Yannick. The big question is if I have any red sock yarn lying around…

*No offense to any who take offense at blonde jokes

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

One thought on “as if i don’t have enough on my plate

  1. I like the second pattern better, too. You may want to check to see where the seam falls (these are the ones knit flat, right?) to make sure there won’t be any irritation from it. My husband used to wear his socks inside out, because the seam across the toe would rub and hurt his feet!


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