To Anonymous: West Island Knitting Classes


It’s hard when I can’t reply directly to someone. Anyways…

To the anonymous person who asked about the knitting classes, I did take mine in the West Island because that’s where I live! In the Pointe-Claire Plaza (at the bottom of St-Jeans blvd, right at the 20) there is a LYS called “The Wool Shop” or “Les Lainages du Petit Mouton” depending what language you speak. 😉 I did my courses with Nicole on Mondays from 9-11am. It was a 6 or 8 wk course, I forget which, that included the needles and yarn for our practice pieces, and a knitting book.

The number is 514-694-6268 and I just called them for you to see about any open classes. The owner told me that they aren’t doing summer classes this year (it just didn’t work out) but they will be starting again in the Fall and will offer day and night classes. She said the best thing to do is to go by sometime during store hours and put your name/number down on their waiting list to reserve a spot, because spaces fill up fast. Once they are ready to put their schedule together they will call you to see which day would be good, and all the other info.

I enjoyed my classes. We were a small group (5-6 people) and although I knew how to knit at that point, it really taught me everything I know now. Our practice piece was a mini cardigan (5″ tall) so you learn all the shaping you would need on a bigger piece, including seaming and buttonholes. We did some Fair Isle and grafting, making headbands for Winter, and did a pair of lace socks for both of those techniques. By the end we had chosen to stay on longer and did some felted projects too.

Good luck!

Author: Jennifer Lori

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2 thoughts on “To Anonymous: West Island Knitting Classes

  1. I have tried knitting but it never works out. At all! But I think it would be really fun to take a crocheting class – crocheting I can do, and I’d like to strengthen my skills in this area.

    ANNNNND I want to visit Montreal some day. If I do my Masters of Social Work, I want to do it at McGill.


  2. Have you always lived in Pointe Claire? My husband grew up in Pointe Claire. He went to John Renny high school. He is much older than you are though.


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