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At least, through this migraine haze, I’m getting stuff done.

I finished the Comfort Clapotis this morning. Started Apr 1, finished Apr 28- not bad! Especially since I haven’t worked on it in 2 weeks because I’ve been working on the FNWC job. I DID managed to snap a pic this morning but as I was zooming in for a better shot my batteries died, so I’ll post later once they finish recharging.

The FNWC is thisclose to being done. Just have the side seams left, then a few rows for the neck. Had minor setbacks during seaming since the yarn I was given to seam is not too difficult to tear, and when I mattress stitch I tend to bunch then pull flat…so there were at least 2 occassions when I was pulling the section flat and heard that ominous SNAP and had to pull out the entire seam. Did I mention that I was only given a little ball of that other yarn for seaming? Of course I didn’t measure first to be assured that I’d have plenty, so each little bit I was taking off was alternated with crossing my fingers that I’d have enough left to finish the sweater.
NOTE TO SELF: measure first, worry less.

One last little bit of progress: down 12 lbs towards my weight-loss goal. I’m not stating my weight publicly, nor how much I want to lose, but let’s just say that I’d like my wedding dress to have to be taken in during alterations, not let out. And I want it taken in A LOT. I only plan on getting married once, so I’d like to look as slim, sexy and pretty as possible for that day, and those pictures! (and the video…) Go me!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

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  1. Congrats on 12 lbs! I’m proud of you!


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