I hate migraines.


I haven’t posted lately. I’m not apologizing for that, just making a statement of fact. Doesn’t seem to matter much, since no one really reads this blog anyways.

Made it through Passover ok, but for the headaches. Been knitting tons.

Picked up a job knitting for Veronik and Mona, doing FNWC- a sample sweater for one of the new yarns. It’s wonderful, fluffy stuff. Can’t show a pic but the sweater is whizzing along…one sleeve left then seaming and neckline.

I also was working on the Comfort Clapotis before starting the FNWC. I’m right at the decreases, and hope to have it done soon to give to the intended recipient.

I also worked on the finishing gig for my LYS. I need to have that done to bring them by the end of this week ‘cus there’s more waiting. I have to say, it’s not fun finishing someone else’s work. At least with my work I know how the knitting was done, and can plan for the finishing during the process. With someone else’s I’m going at it blind. Ah well.

Saw my doc re: migraines. He has no clue, but gave me something to help. Luckily I get to stop the other somethings I was on since the car accident, because my bedside table was starting to look like a pharmacy.

Hope everyone is well. For those of you who are in my sidebar, I do go to your blogs daily. Where has everyone been? Blogging is getting very lonely.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “I hate migraines.

  1. Hey, some of us read your blog!!! It sucks that you have migraines, mine have dissapeared out of the blue, I hope the same happens to you…


  2. I read your blog all the time. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at getting anything on my blog because I’m too busy reading other blogs.

    I was on a field trip with my son the other day and the other Mom that was along said she had terrible migraines and her doctor suggested she try braces because her bite was off slightly. She said within two weeks of getting them on the migraines stopped. Of course there are soooo many causes of migraines it would be a shot in the dark. My cousin also has them and it seems to be triggered by hormones. I’ve also heard botox helps. I’ve never suffered from one, but I’ve seen people that do and I really feel for you.


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