ravellenics day 10


I’m in better shape than I’d thought.  But…

Tonight before bed I decided to do a quick ‘n dirty wet block to really see where things stood with my Jeanie.  I need to get to 66″ and stretching it out on my lap wasn’t helping me see the true length.

I even dropped the column stitches that don’t get dropped until the very end, (doing a yo over them so I can keep going), and pinned the whole thing out.

The good news?  At 114 rows in, I’m at 22″.  That means exactly 1/3 of the way done.

The bad news?  To get 228 rows (the remaining 2/3) done by Sunday night (the closing ceremonies) means I need to knit 6.75 hours per day.

Um.  Yeah.

And that doesn’t take into account the upper or lower border, or the slightly longer cable rows that occur every 8 or so.


I WILL finish.  But I won’t medal.  I’ll still be knitting when all the other competitors have packed up and gone home.

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ravellenics day 9


I really should have thought this through.  66″ in sock yarn is a loooong way to go, and my knitting mojo has been off at night, ‘cus my allergy pills wear off and all I want to do is hide in bed.  I don’t want to be a quitter, but it’s hard to keep pushing when I feel like there’s no point, since I can’t possibly win.  Though if Paula Findlay kept going…


2012 ravellenics day 2


Here’s tonight’s progress. I’m a little disappointed, but I only had about 2-3 hours of interrupted time, so I’ll take it.

I knit rows 5-14. I managed to memorize the basic pattern, so now I only need to pay attention to when I’m on a non-standard row. I also figured out it takes roughly 8 minutes to knit a standard row. There also seem to be roughly 8 rows per inch. If I’m supposed to work in pattern until it reaches 66″, then if my math is correct I need to work 528 rows. At 10 minutes per row (padding for cable rows and dropped stitch time) that means 5280 minutes, or 88 hours of knitting time.

514 rows remain, so that’s 5140 minutes or 85.75 hrs. Divide that by the 15 days remaining, and that means I need to knit 5.75 hours per day to finish on time.


Something tells me I’m not gonna make it!


2012 ravellenics day 1

My project for the KO/Ravellenics is Jeanie from the Winter 2007 Knitty. I’ve loved it ever since, and had even bought the yarn from my cousin’s (defunct) shop back in ’07. And it’s been sitting in my stash ever since.


Last night I only had about 2 hours to knit while I watched a recording of the opening ceremonies. I managed to wind the yarn, color code my charts, work my favorite provisional cast on and knit 4 rows. Doesn’t seem like much unfortunately.

It’s 137 sts with sock weight yarn, though, and it’s got patterning on both sides…which means there’s no relaxing “knit back” rows. The payoff will be in the end when I have a gorgeous reversible shawl…now I just need to get it knit!

This project is entered in the Shawl event, the Cable event, and also the Stash event (marinating more than 1 year). I’m playing for Team Canada in Ravelry. I know I said I wasn’t going to join…but I caved yesterday afternoon and added myself. Are you participating this year?