2012 ravellenics day 1


My project for the KO/Ravellenics is Jeanie from the Winter 2007 Knitty. I’ve loved it ever since, and had even bought the yarn from my cousin’s (defunct) shop back in ’07. And it’s been sitting in my stash ever since.


Last night I only had about 2 hours to knit while I watched a recording of the opening ceremonies. I managed to wind the yarn, color code my charts, work my favorite provisional cast on and knit 4 rows. Doesn’t seem like much unfortunately.

It’s 137 sts with sock weight yarn, though, and it’s got patterning on both sides…which means there’s no relaxing “knit back” rows. The payoff will be in the end when I have a gorgeous reversible shawl…now I just need to get it knit!

This project is entered in the Shawl event, the Cable event, and also the Stash event (marinating more than 1 year). I’m playing for Team Canada in Ravelry. I know I said I wasn’t going to join…but I caved yesterday afternoon and added myself. Are you participating this year?

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “2012 ravellenics day 1

  1. I joined in the fun! As the opening show started, here I was with nothing to knit. Found pattern, yarn and needles before the end of the show. LOL! 😉


  2. Is it too late to join?!! I know the Olympics have already started.

    Is that the Dream in Color Smooshy? Had you bought it with that specific shawl in mind?


  3. I joined no less than two teams with four projects, including the color block moss cardigan we had discussed a year or so ago. And I am about to flame out big time, and not medal at all. ;P


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