I know it’s not Tuesday.  But it was Tuesday, Aug 31st when I drafted the photos for this post, and I don’t have the energy or desire to go change the permalink.

It’s been a lot of same-old around here since my last post…at least until today.  So now I’m grumpy.  Why I’m choosing to post while grumpy is beyond me, but I found a few minutes of time so here you go.

I did some crochet this week.  I’ve been working on one project as a birthday gift for a friend, then decided to squeeze another project in a few days ago.  That one proved to me that, just like knitting, crochet doesn’t work well while on painkillers.  I took photos before fixing my mistake, but they’re still on my camera.

Here are the boys last month sometime.  Henri loves wearing stuff on his head…hats, glasses, etc.  That’s a pair of sunglasses he’s got on there.  Jakob is always pulling Henri’s chair over to feed him or swipe food off his tray.

This was one of the progress photos of the Enchanted Forest Cardigan.  It’s hard to see, but it’s the complete back (on the right) with the left front attached by 3ndl BO on the shoulder.  That’s not in the pattern, but I prefer it to seaming the shoulders, so I’d short-rowed the decreases to prepare for it.

A shot of Jakob wearing Yannick’s sunglasses.  Just because.

Here’s the back of the cardi after I’d seamed in the sleeve and the side seam. 

And here’s the fronts.  Since this photo was taken I’ve finished seaming both sleeves and the sides, and picked up and done a few rows of the button band.  I’m planning on ripping out the sleeves to redo them and make them more streamlined, ‘cus really, they’re huge.  It’s cute when they’re pushed up, but that’s about it.

This is one of Henri’s 18 month chair photos.  I can’t believe what a big, gorgeous boy he is.  Let’s just bask in that and ignore all the eczema, m’kay?

As for me…I’ve got a few more patterns coming out with KnitPicks, some I’m currently working on, and some waiting for the yarn to arrive.  I’m healing from the surgery, and gearing up for the tonsils next Friday.  Tomorrow’s my birthday, and I’m seeing friends in the afternoon and evening, and that will be a lot of fun.  And this afternoon my hernia popped out again.  So apparently, despite the odds, I had a screwed up c-section AND a hernia in another random spot.  It hurts, and it really, really sucks, but I’ll get it all sorted out.  And eventually I’ll be all fixed up.

Eventually.  I hope.


i felt the earth move under my feet

That was crazy- I felt my first earthquake!  I was sitting in my chair at work when all of a sudden it started vibrating, for about 3 seconds a shot, for about 30 seconds.  I was enjoying it until I realized that my office chair DOESN’T vibrate!

The other day I made the mistake showed Maaike my unfinished object dumping ground.  (Shh…don’t tell her it was only one of many…)

Well, she’d already known that many years ago (March of 2005) I’d started the DKNY Enchanted Forest Cardigan.  I guess she’d never realized how much I’d done before stopping, and she might have kinda guilt tripped me into having it done so I could wear it at Rhinebeck…which is, I have to admit, a good idea.

So for the last few days I have been getting a good chunk of my nightly studying done while at work, thus freeing up a bit of time to knit each night.

This is how the sweater looked when we last saw it here on the blog:

These were the complete fronts…
…and the back, at the time I’d last worked on them.  By the bedspread I can tell it was in our old house, before Jakob was born.  By memory I know it was before we got married, probably somewhere in Winter 2005 or Spring 2006.  The back is basically the two fronts done as one unit, with a small strip in between them that will later grow and overlap the two with a different tree.

I had to borrow a needle from Maaike ‘cus I was knitting this on my old Denise interchangeable set, which is a fine set, but a little sticky on the cord for this yarn.  I have no idea where my 5mm circ is, so Maaike lent me a KnitPicks Options one with nice sharp points.  I do all my cables without a cable needle, so I like a nice point for finagling my way in there.

I borrowed the needle on Saturday morning when I ran out to do some errands before going to my cousin Robyn‘s son Mackenzie’s 2nd birthday party.  Yannick was away for the weekend and I’d caught up a little on my studying, so I took advantage of the boys’ afternoon naps to knit.

It’s now Wednesday, and as of last night I have completed the back up to 4 rows past the armhole bind offs.  (Pretty much where you see the corner of the Hefty Ziplock bag on the right side of the first photo).  I know within the next couple of nights I’ll have the body complete, and then it’s only sleeves and bands/collar to go!  I’m looking forwards to having this one off the needles well ahead of Rhinebeck.