Minecraft Jack-O’-Lantern Head Charts PDF

Minecraft Jack-O’-Lantern Head Charts

The full tutorial walks you through step by step details of how to create your own Minecraft mob head/masks using mostly dollar store supplies or items you already have on-hand, and provides full charts for both Steve and Creeper.  The charts in this PDF can be used to modify the tutorial to make a lit Jack-O’-Lantern mob.

Except for the boxes and the spray sealant, you can find ALL the items required for this project at the dollar store, making it not only a pretty fast project, but a pretty inexpensive one too!

Charts for all 5 mask surfaces are given in their proper orientation. A head facet blowout is also provided for help with visualization.

Get the charts

This is an add-on to the tutorial available here.

This 4-page PDF is comprised of full-color numbered charts for painting/coloring/stitching your own Minecraft Jack-O’-Lantern head. Hex color codes are provided so you can color match without discrepancies caused by printer or screen inaccuracy.

To purchase the charts through Etsy click HERE.