Minecraft Steve and Creeper Tutorial PDF

Steve & Creeper Heads

From idea to finished product this project took about 3 days. I got the boxes and completed everything up to/including painting (steps 1-7) on day 1. On the night of day 2 I did step 8 (spraying the clear coat) and finally on night three (which happened to be Halloween night the year I made these) I did steps 9-10 (hiding the face portion) right before we went out trick-or-treating.

Except for the boxes and the spray sealant, you can find ALL the items required for this project at the dollar store, making it not only a pretty fast project, but a pretty inexpensive one too!

Get the pattern

This is an updated version of the tutorial available here.

This 9-page PDF has more detailed instructions, better photographs, as well as game-accurate full-color numbered charts for all 5 sides of both character’s heads along with their hex codes for perfect color matching.

To purchase the pattern through Etsy click HERE.