two sick kids


sun mar 4- skip swimming- kids sick.  to dr, jakob maybe strep, internet store meeting.  jakob face pic, henri sleep

We skipped swimming this morning because of the kids’ fevers last night.  I wasn’t sure if it was worth bringing them to the doctor, and then I took a closer look at Jakob’s face, and saw this rash.

It wasn’t raised, or itchy, but bothered me, so we called up and got both kids an appointment at 10:30.  Turns out that Jakob’s fever and rash could be signs of strep.  Couple them with the fact that he had a very red throat, and even though he wasn’t complaining of it, he had to do a strep test.  (Weird that symptoms of strep are so different in kids vs adults!)  Henri only had his fever with a runny nose, so they said he probably just had a virus, and if he started coughing again I could give him his puffers before bringing him back in.  Though, both kids would have to go back if they still had fevers in 3 days.

The lab, unfortunately, was closed for the weekend, so we’d have to come back the next morning for the strep test.  Wonderful.

For 2 sick kids, they were in great spirits, and you couldn’t tell from their attitudes that they were sick at all.  At least- until bed time.  They both napped in the afternoon, and then when bedtime hit they crashed again.

Henri fell asleep so fast that he never even moved after I tucked him in- just put his hands under his cheek like this and fell right asleep.  😦  Little sweetie!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “two sick kids

  1. Hope the boys feel better soon!

    What is an Internet store meeting?


  2. I hate when the whole family gets sick. It feels like you’ll all never be healthy again. Hang it there! Spring is around the bend!


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