so sleepy


I think everyone in my house is tired today.  Last night Yannick, Jakob and myself went over to Jakob’s girlfriend’s house for dinner.  Yes, Jakob’s girlfriend.  They’ve been in the same class for 3 years, and unfortunately won’t be together any more as of Sept (different school districts) so we’ve been making extra efforts for playdates outside of school.  We had her family over for a nice raclette dinner right before Christmas, and now that our exam was over they invited over to repay the favor.  I deliberately left Henri at home with my sister because a) we were only going there for 7pm and he’s asleep by 7:30, and b) their place has a big central staircase and I’d worry about Henri falling on a good day, I didn’t want to worry about him being overtired and trying to keep up with Jakob and E.

It was a good thing I did!  We ended up having such a good time, great food and even better conversation, that we only left there at 12:30am- and the kids were STILL UP!!  I couldn’t believe it!

It turned out that Henri had only fallen asleep late himself too, so when this morning rolled around and I woke up in time to get the house up for swimming lessons…I totally bailed.  All 3 boys (Yannick included) were sound asleep, and I couldn’t wait to rejoin them, so we played hooky today and had a lazy, sleep-in morning.

I didn’t get much knitting done, partly from the late start, then partly from having to go into work for a bit, and once I got home I was still exhausted to called it early.

Since there’s nothing else to share, here’s a pic of Jakob, Henri and my brother Mike from yesterday, playing with our new lightsabers:

[insert Star Wars joke here]*








*bonus points if instead of Star Wars, it’s a Spaceballs quote!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

2 thoughts on “so sleepy

  1. “I see your Schwartz is bigger than mine” 😉


  2. Sean could totally give you a space balls quote. He has seen that movie numerous times!

    Who is Jakob’s girlfriend? Sooo cute!

    Where are the light sabers from???!!!


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