vegas scarf (knitting game) kal!!


The KAL for my scarf pattern started today! I didn’t get a chance yet to post pics on Ravelry or Facebook, but I can post here from my phone quickly.

I pulled my 6 yarns last night:

Patons’ Decor is my yarn #1. Remnants from who-knows-what, colorway Black. Decor’s a worsted-weight, 75% acrylic and 25% wool yarn.

This Pompelmo from Tricot Studio Filpucci is my #2. I’ve got 2 balls of this colorway (#1/1750?) from an assorted bag of different colors of the same yarn. It’s 55% Viscose, 29% cotton, 8% silk and 8% polyamide. The core is kind of a burnt burgundy, with a strand of something shiny, surrounded by a thin chain of plain white which I’m guessing is the cotton.

#3 is an old Patons Cotton Club from my Bubbie’s old stash. It is56% acrylic, 33% cotton and 11% viscose, very soft, white, and with the shiny wraparound it reminds me of Bernat Baby Coordinates.

I feel like I want to say #4, Katia Ingenua is left over from the original Vegas Scarf, but I think that one was a different color. This one is black, and is 78% mohair, 13% polyamide and 9% wool.

#5 is my fun fur contribution, Shimmer by Estelle. I used to collect fun fur for trims on the dog sweaters I used to sell, and I think I’d bought this from my lys for that purpose before I realized how unprofitable it was. Color 738 (deep wine color), and 100% polyester.

My last yarn is actually 2 held together. I’m using a 5mm needle but really wanted to use this roll of unknown gunmetal stuff. It’s really shiny, slick like rayon and more of a chain or braid than plied yarn. I decided to pair it with a hank of Free Verse Sock by Perfect Day Yarns that I got in a club kit from my cousin’s old yarn store (now defunct). The colorway of the 75% Superwash wool/25% nylon sock yarn is “Vintage Rose”. Holding both together works better with the needle I’m using and still lets the pops of color and/or shine come through.

So these are my 6(7) yarns. I was home for the day after a very painful doctor’s appointment and managed to get about 8 rows done, but I’ll save those pics for tomorrow. In the meantime here’s a photo of a special guest we had at our Knitting Guild meeting tonight. Hint: it’s not my cousin. 😉

We had a visit/lecture tonight from the Quinns of our local Quinn Farm and Rare Breeds Canada and Baa Baa Black Sheep (actually her name!) won everybody over with her charm. There were also a lovely husband and wife team who make items with merino wool, but I left their business card in my purse so I’ll link to them tomorrow.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “vegas scarf (knitting game) kal!!

  1. I meant to cast on last night but just didn’t. I will begin this week. I have chosen all the yarns I want to use. Confession: I had started early and cast on 100 stitches last week but quickly learned that wasn’t going to be long enough for an actual scarf. How many stitches do you cast on? 200? 300?


  2. I love your yarns! I need to take some decent photos of mine and post them. I took a pic and then completely changed my mind. 😉


  3. Interesting yarn choices!

    I miss my old shop… But with 3 kids I don’t have the time. I do have more yarn than I can ever knit in a lifetime! Lol. I was sad to see it go when I was on bed rest with Q.

    I am soooo behind on blog reading. I will catch up!


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