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I’ve always been late to the game when it came to Facebook.  I resisted its urge when everyone else I knew got sucked in, which  is surprising considering I’m a bit of a geek and was into computers and the internet long before it was mainstream.  (How many of you remember  mIRC?  I was an OP…if that tells you anything).

I caved and joined with a personal account when Jakob was born because I saw the advantage of being able to share photos and updates with friends and family.  I came for the convenience…but I stayed for the flip side advantage- being able to find out what’s going on with those same friends and family.  And, I’ll admit, it can get addictive when you first join.  There can be a LOT of checking up on old friends and ex-boyfriends, though Facebook does try to keep snooping down by making you need to actually be “Facebook friends” with someone in order to see their info (unless they chose to make it public).

As a barely-related aside, is it strange that I’m friends (Facebook and othewise) with pretty much ALL of my exes?

Anyhoo…I’ve finally decided to create an account for my knitting life.  I would LOVE if any of you who read this blog would add me as a friend!  In an effort to make things more convenient to those with smartphones, and those who check their email or Facebook updates more often than their chosen blog aggregator, I’ll be posting and updating there too.  I’ll put an announcement when each new blog post is up, and I’ll be putting pattern information and updates there as well.

I look forwards to having you join me over there!  Just search for “Jennifer Lori” to find me.  (I’m the one with the knitted Superheros)*



*Or you could just click on the box on the right.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “now on facebook!

  1. I too resisted FB for a long time. My techno-brother kept telling everyone they HAD to join so I said no. LOL. Finally I did. Back then, there weren’t quite the privacy setting as now, so you could see people’s walls, look at their photos, etc without being a friend. I too had a lot of ex’s on my list, and just guys I knew, esp. from high school. I was just that type of gal who hung around with the guys. But it’s caused a lot of problems with my husband who had only a few guy friends his whole life…and not the type to use FB to keep in touch. Some of the ex’s I did drop after getting caught up; it’s just nice to know what people are up to now–I see it as a curiosity thing, like reading a book but finding the last chapter missing. And, I’m proud of my life (even if it’s not what I thought it’d be when I was in high school!), and it’s nice to show that!


  2. I am definitely NOT Facebook friends with any of my exes, but some of them were crazy. 😉


  3. I don’t think I have too many exes on my list either on FB. And I used to snoop on FB on one ex, until FB made it harder to do it.

    I’m friends with both you & your knitting self on FB! _ LOL. That sounds a little schizophrenic no?


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