two days to go


…until Henri’s 2nd birthday! I spent part of my night designing the last bit of the KP pattern, and then a little time putting the finishing touches on the mini loot bags for Henri’s daycare “party”, which is basically singing and cupcakes when the kids wake from their nap.

It’s just a mini fingerpaint pot with a stamp on the top, and a candy cane, with a label my mom printed for me that says “thanks for celebrating with me”.

We got a fun little surprise in the mail today- Jakob got a letter from Santa!

I’m really not sure how we got it, I never signed him up for it, but he was super excited about it and called up Daddy and Bubbie right away to tell them.

There is power in good thoughts. Emilie ( is out of surgery and I think is doing well.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

3 thoughts on “two days to go

  1. Two years ago Sean wrote a letter to Santa, we got a letter in the mail. That same year, he was in daycare, and also got one there (I had no idea they do it every year at daycare too). So Sean and now Mack receive them at daycare, it’s kind of fun.

    Those little lootbag favors are super cute.


  2. So cool! Maybe his bubbie or an Aunt signed him up or something?!?


  3. Cute favor idea. I will nee to do something for RJ this year, so I may steal this. I am hoping to just do cupcakes and favors, but a lot of kids actually bring lunch to daycare for their birthdays.


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