I wonder how many of you read this blog for the knitting stuff and skim the personal facts, and how many of you skim the knitting to see what’s been going on in our lives.

I’ve thought about posting so often lately, but I don’t because I don’t have the time to put up photos, and I wonder if you even care that there are no photos, if it means there will at least be a blog post.

I miss blogging, and I miss the interaction with those (few) of you who read me. And lately I’ve been torn between wanting to talk and share and get advice and vent, and keeping everything inside and keeping this an infrequent blog about knitting.

I’m still torn about the direction this is going to stick with, but I can’t stand sitting silent with the occasional “look- published pattern!” post. That’s not me, that’s not why I started blogging.

I’m currently working on another pattern for KnitPicks, as well as a pattern or two to self-publish. I have completed all but the cuffs of the Enchanted Forest cardigan, but am planning on undoing and redoing the sleeves, because the 80’s batwing look is SO NOT me. I’m 2/3 of the way through my current pair of traveling socks, knit with the Regia Canadian Colors Ontario colorway. I’m also 80% finished a pillow design that my sister-in-law requested oh, a year or two ago.

Yannick and I finished our first year of school! Our final exam was last Sunday, and after many marathon study sessions, we both found it easier than we’d expected. We still have a few little assignments to mail in, but the majority of the first year is complete and we now have a little break until year 2 (of 4) starts in January.

Jakob is the funniest little chatterbox I’ve ever met, and it’s scary how much attitude can come in such a small package. The other day I peeked in his room at 10:30pm, expecting him to be asleep ‘cus it was so quiet. He was holding the Cat in the Hat book and his Diego dome-light, looks up at me and says “What Mom? I’m just reading.” He’s moved up to the bigger (2nd oldest) class in daycare, and is in the middle of mostly-successful potty-training.

Henri is awesome, funny, sweet and really, really silly. He’s almost as big as Jakob and is stubborn as heck, but whereas Jakob is a Daddy’s Boy all the way, Henri lately seems to be more of a Mommy’s Boy and always wants me to be standing up holding and cuddling him, and I love it!

We’ve been going through more health issues with Henri, though. I swear, this poor kid can’t catch a break! Long-time readers will remember some of the issues we’ve been through in his short life so far- the tongue tie, the nursing, the food issues, possible allergies, his horrible eczema, the scary infection…it seems to never end. This has been the scariest so far, though. I’ll get into more detail another time, but to sum up, he has started walking funny, and the doctors aren’t sure why. We’ve done some tests, but are waiting to do others before any diagnosis is made.

And finally, my last bit of news is that I will be having surgery tomorrow. Both sides of my last c-section have herniated, and the doctor will be going in to fix the right side tomorrow. He’s not able to tell yet if it is an inguinal hernia or an incisional one, but I don’t think it would change anything, either way. As if this weren’t bad enough, the sciatic (sp?) nerve on my right leg has been on/off pinched or caught or something for the last few weeks, and the last few days have been more “on” than “off”, today especially, and I can’t take even Tylenol or Advil because of the surgery. So in a way I’m looking forwards to getting some pain killers not so much for the surgery, but to help my leg!

I can’t drive for 10 days, and can’t lift the boys for 6-8 weeks, so my mom and Yannick are going to be doing a lot around here over the next little while. We’re really lucky to have my mom and siblings here to help out while Yannick is at work with my dad, ‘cus otherwise he’d have to leave work early every day. I’m going to take some time off work and rest. I’ve got some mindless knitting, some dvds and an ipod full of sci-fi and knitting podcasts. I’m all set! Now if only I weren’t freaking out about being put under…

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “sunday

  1. Just post, Jennifer. We want to know what’s up with y’all. Good luck for surgery, I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you 🙂


  2. I’m sure it won’t surprise you to learn that I read for the personal details AND the knitting. It’s all you, you see, and you and your family matter to me, even if I don’t move my sorry bum to see you guys when I should do. Sorry about that. Please post. Hoping surgery went swimmingly today, and hoping our KP order comes in during your recuperation time so I can bring your book to you and have a visit then 🙂


  3. Hope your recovery goes well, since you’ve already had your surgery. I read everything you post – so keep posting! When you have the time, of course 😉


  4. Like the others I read for both personal stuff and knitting. They are intertwined, no?

    Sorry to hear about the health issues! I wish you both quick, easy recovery.


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