a fresh cut


As you may have seen in photos (or in real life), my hair is pretty long.  Waist-length.  The last time I cut it more than an inch was about 2.5 years ago at least, though it grows really fast.

I’d been thinking about cutting it lately, and realized that if I gave it more than just a trim, I could do something useful with it.  I decided to donate it.

It took me a while to find somewhere that would take bleached hair, but I finally did.  There’s actually a place here in Montreal that takes the hair, sends it to China to have a wig made (did you know it takes 10-20 ponytails to make ONE wig?) and then the finished wig comes back here to Montreal to go to a woman with cancer.  I really like that I’m helping someone locally.  Once that obstacle was out of the way it was like a switch had flipped- instead of loving my long, flowing hair, I suddenly just WANTED IT OFF.

So one fateful day at the very end of June I made an appointment (without telling anyone but Yannick) and shocked the hell out of my hair stylist when I told her to cut it all off.

“How short?” she asked.  I pointed to my chin.  She almost needed to sit down.

Here’s a before shot:

I actually didn’t realize it was THIS long.  I can’t see the back…so I only see how much comes forwards, and as it goes over my shoulders and chest, it looks shorter.  Even I was surprised by this photo.

No going back now!

We did it in 2 cuts because had we pulled all the hair back into 1 ponytail, the back would have been cut short but the sides would end up longer with that length being missed from the ponytail, because they were being pulled back.  This way the donated hair was able to be as long as possible.

18 inches cut off to donate.

18 INCHES!!  I’m amazed…

So now my neck is cold as I sit under the A/C at work, and I used WAY too much shampoo my first few washes, but I’m really happy with what I did, and I really like the end result.  I think it’s cute, and it is really easy to care for/style.  Plus as soon as I get a free moment at work I will be dropping off the (kinda morbid-looking) ponytails at the salon, and that will be a really awesome thing.

Here’s the front.  It’s not the best photo, but I took it myself the day it was freshly styled from the hair dresser (though I’d tucked it behind my ears with clips in the photo, ‘cus she’d dried it like a bob and it was a little poofy).  I’ll try to get Yannick or someone take a clear shot sometime.

Later that same weekend, I got into the cutting mood and attacked all the men in the house.  A while ago I took over from Yannick’s mom in cutting his hair, and finally was willing to try using clippers.  It’s been twice now that I did his hair, and he’s been really happy with it.  After cutting his, I asked if he’d mind if I cut Jakob’s hair.  Just a trim…but his long hair has been doing the Farrah Fawcett on the sides, winging out, and it was starting to be a little much.

This is a photo of the boys Maaike took one afternoon at the park.  You can’t really see their hair…but I like the photo.  🙂

This is Jakob’s “before” shot.  His hair is really long, and really thick.  I was just trying to clean up the wings, but he ended up looking like he had a bowl cut…almost in the vein of Dumb & Dumber.  So I tried to fix it…and let’s just say that he moved…a lot…and then on the day we were supposed to get together with my Dad’s side of the family for dinner I quickly rushed Jakob to the kids’ hair salon to try and fix the mess on his head before he could be laughed at by family.  Oops!  His once-flowing locks are now short…really short.  “Boy” short.  But our favorite time it grew out long was after being cut at the salon, so we have hopes that when it grows back it will be just as cute.

I feel like cutting his hair was freeing in some way for him, because ever since we cut it he has been such a devilish little monkey!  Even more of a clown than usual…and that’s saying something!

And as for Henri…poor little Henri…once we got home from the salon with Jakob I looked at Henri’s head…  There was nothing wrong with his hair, though it had never been cut before, and was a little longer on top and in the back than the sides, causing some people to say he had a mullet.  He still looked cute.  Really cute:

…but when I got home and saw his hair all straggly, compared to Jakob’s now neat, short cut, I couldn’t take it.  I popped Henri in his high chair, grabbed the clippers and a #4 guard, and gave his whole head a buzz.  Of course it was only after doing it that my mom showed me this photo, and I saw how cute he was, and kinda regretted it.  But it’s only hair, and is already growing back.  #4 isn’t THAT short, maybe 1cm long, or so, and at least now it will all grow in at the same length.

I’ll post photos of the boys post-cuts once I get them off the camera.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

7 thoughts on “a fresh cut

  1. You look really good with the short hair!


  2. I LOVE your new do, Jenn! It looks really great. REALLY. Grrrowwwrrr! 🙂 I’m sure the boys look great. As for Henri, giving him a “trim” will actually be good for his hair. You’ll see!


  3. Everyone’s haircuts look great – especially yours! I was SHOCKED when I saw you at your mom’s house with… uhm, hair missing!

    Looks great! Now you look like a soccer mom! 🙂


  4. LOVE the new ‘do!!!


  5. I love the new haircut! It looks very chic!

    I’m sure the boys look very cute and summery with their new short hair. 🙂


  6. Love your hair short like that! It really suits you! 😀 I am too afraid to go that short! EVER! Last time was grade 6 and boy what a mistake that was for me…but my hair poufs out – A LOT!

    Maybe I should send Mark to come see you next time he needs a hair cut LOL 😀


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