screwball socks



Screwball Socks

To continue celebrating my new Ravelry store, here’s another one of my patterns.

A fun, playful sock that would work well for both women and men, the Screwball Socks are both stretchy and slouchy, and really comfortable. The reverse-stockinette raised ridge spirals evenly down from the garter stitch cuff to the garter stitch, short-row heel. The heel and stripe blend seamlessly with the reverse-stockinette sole, while on the instep the ridge keeps winding its way along, all the way down to the garter stitch wedge toe.

The Screwball Socks are the pattern I designed for the Robyn’s Nest November 2008 Ultimate Sock Club kit.  Now they are available for everyone!

$4.95 CAD

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “screwball socks

  1. You did a great job on those! Thanks again! Happy sales!


  2. If I ever manage to make a pair of socks, I might actually try this pattern. 😉 Seriously, they are quite cute, and I think would work in a lot of different colorways.


  3. Those are really cute, Jenn. And I LOVE the name you picked 🙂


  4. I love that socks 😀 Made my pair a while ago! Awesome job you did!


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