mid-april? already?


It’s been a fun last few weeks.  I think I said last post how I’d come down with strep?  Well 2 days after I finished my meds, Jakob tells me he’s scared of his food ‘cus it made a “boo-boo” throat.  I took him to the doctor and he had a positive strep culture.  That night I felt the signs and sure enough, the next morning I was at the clinic watching my own little culture stick show a positve sign.  The NEXT day Yannick mentioned that Henri was wincing a bit while eating breakfast…and about 2 hours later HIS culture was positive.  The day after that Yannick was diagnosed.  So it’s been fun around here.  I finally finished my final dose and am really hoping it doesn’t come back AGAIN. 

Until I get the latest photos uploaded, here’s another cute one of the boys playing with my grandfather’s hat.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “mid-april? already?

  1. Very cute photo of the 2 boys together.

    Hope your household stays germ free for a while!


  2. Hope you guys are feeling better!


  3. Awww, they look so cute together! That sounds just horrible. We just got over some illness and it was awful, but you guys seem to have been really hit hard. Let’s hope winter is over and along with it all the illness!


  4. Jeez! What IS it with you guys and Strep-throat, anyway???


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