all growed up


Good: Henri is 9 months old, 30″ tall and 22 lbs.  Very healthy (except for a bad cold and ear infection)

Bad: This means he has grown out of his carseat/bucket.  Now I have to buy a real car seat.

Good: Zellers has the one I like on sale, this exact week, and I managed to snag one.  I also managed to get an appointment today at the police station to have it professionally installed.

Bad: This means Henri is out of the bucket, making life harder when I do…almost everything.  Grocery shopping, picking Jakob up at daycare, everything now has to be done with one hand since I can’t pick up/put down the bucket any more.

Good: Since Henri is of a certain weight/height/abilities, the car seat is forward facing even though he is under 12 months.

Bad: Um…none really.  It was at his doctor’s recommendation, and the police Constable agreed.

Good: Turns out Henri will sleep in his car seat, unlike his bucket in which he hasn’t slept since forever.

Bad: Unlike the bucket, a sleeping baby in a car seat is not quite as portable.

Good: I knit and usually keep spare knitting with me.  Guess what I did for 5 minutes in my driveway this morning?  🙂

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

5 thoughts on “all growed up

  1. Wow, I can’t believe he’s already outgrown his bucket, but then again he’s the same size as Mackie who is 16 months! Mack’s last check up he was 81 cm which is 31 inches and 21 lbs 13 oz. I can’t believe they’re the exact same size!!!

    I also miss the days of portable bucket…!


  2. PLEASE keep him rear facing!!!! In Ontario, they have to be 1 years, AND 20lb, but that is a bare minimum. The AAP actually put out a reccomendation that it should be 2years and 35lbs. I can’t believe your doctor reccommended to put him forward facing. Weight and muscle strength are two separate things—he’s still a baby with a disporportionally big head compared to his neck (that’s normal, LOL). Please do a little research into keeping him rear facing—it is SO much safer, and the law in many places. Check out for a good video. And also Oh, my heart saddens every time I see a small toddler forward facing, but to see a baby less than one year old forward facing? In some areas that would be reason for child endangerment charges.
    As far as losing the convinience of the ‘bucket’. I never found it convinient at all, LOL. Heavy, lopsided, bad for your back and baby’s head shape….just pop on a pouch sling under your coat and you’ll have both hands free, Henri will be safe, get to see the real world, etc. He’s still a good size for a pouch, or a ring sling, and his weight gain will be slowing down for the next while. I’d recommend one without much stretch though, even though a fleece pouch is super cozy! And benefit–you can’t use a snowsuit in a carseat, and if you put him in the pouch, he won’t need one anyway, you can just tuck a blankie around him.
    Sorry for the rant, but I’m just STUNNED that a doctor and a police officer agreed that he would be safe in a forward facing seat, and that Quebec laws are so far behind other provinces, which are lacking enough already.


  3. LOL! Sound good to me, the extra knitting time! It was going to happen eventually….Henri being out of the bucket LOL! 🙂 Glad you ended with a GOOD!


  4. IT’S. BEEN. TOO. LONG. We’ve GOT to hook up soon, this is Le Ridiculous.


  5. Wow, he is growing up so fast! I’m glad he is sleeping in the car now. I can’t imagine how to juggle two small children, but I imagine you figure it out when you have to do it.

    We have had car issues with RJ for quite awhile and solved them by using a DVD player in the car. Yes, we are now THOSE parents, but we can actually go somewhere more than 10 minutes away without screaming. You do what you have to do.


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