1.  Went to the hospital this am to get my stitches taken out.  Anyone been to the (newly?) renovated Lakeshore Hospital?  It was cool- one very large open waiting area with different reception areas along the wall…felt like I was at an airport.  I think I was the only one happy to be there- I jokingly told the nurse to take her time calling my name as being there was my only baby-free break of the day!  I ended up with almost 2 hours of wait time even though I had an appointment, which translated to 2 hours of listening to knitting podcasts while knitting away.  Coffee by my side, window at my back…if it didn’t require stabbing myself in the hand first, I’d almost appreciate the experience!

The hand is coming along well, although it isn’t fully closed yet.  1 more week of no weight lifting or putting my weight on it (like push ups).  😦

2.  Discovered something disturbing the other day- I was reading a library book on Polymer Clay crafts (not a habit I’m getting into, I just like learning different craft techniques) and couldn’t figure out one of the projects.  The directions on facing pages just didn’t seem to flow together.  It took me another minute or two to realize that someone had CUT OUT THE PAGES with a particular project.  How horrible is that?  It costs 5-15 cents per page for photocopies, and anyone with a digital camera had a ready-made scanner.  And yet someone had to go deface this book and ruin it for everyone else.  Really irks me that people would have no qualms about doing that.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “ramblings

  1. Wow, I can’t believe someone actually defaced a library book. How sad.

    Glad your hand is healing.


  2. Glad your hand is doing better. As for the page thief – karma, baby! It’s going to catch up with them sooner or later.


  3. You wouldn’t believe how common that is, sadly. I hear ya on the waiting time = me-time. Glad the hand injury doesn’t stop you from knitting!


  4. I’m happy that your hand is healing. As for the book, the most commonly stolen library book is the Bible. Now THAT is sad.


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