ow. zzz. snore. thunk.


I’ve been thinking of you…dear blog…dear blog readers.  I’m still here, still alive.  Barely.  LOL. 

I took it upon myself to start at a gym.  And I don’t mean 15 minutes walking slowly on a treadmill reading a romance novel.  I mean 60 minutes of deadlifting free weights, lunges, squats, rows, chinups, pullups, dips, etc.  (alternating lower and upper body days).  I have gone every day since Monday for one hour each time.  I am FREAKING sore along my outer thighs and hips and bum.  I actually need to hold the bannister on the stairs for assistance.  Feel free to laugh- I have been!

Coupled with this new health kick comes the end of sleep for Henri.  Napping?  Who needs it?  Night time?  Ha!  What is this thing you speak of?

It takes me a minimum of 30 minutes to get him down for a nap, and up to 2 hours at bedtime.  I’ll nurse him, he’s out cold until the very last second when BAM the eyes open, he arches, sees the light from my alarm clock…then it’s all over.  If I hurry to rock him I can get him into the dozy mood, but it will take at least 20 more minutes until he’s out enough that I can put him down with those eyes opening.  If it is bedtime then repeat this process at least twice.  Plus then he wakes at least twice over night…

Plus he’s got such bad ecema that he looks like his whole body is sunburnt.  He’s itchy and the antihistamine doesn’t seem to be doing anything, and this is a non-cortisone week.  (But we’re seeing a specialist next Wed).

Plus he just cut his 3rd(!!!!) tooth and has 3 more ready to pop any day now.  (So hopefully that will ease the pain soon).

Plus I don’t know if the arching is his acid reflux, if he even has AR, or what.  (So I’ve cut out dairy and will do so for a week and see if it makes a difference.  I doubt he’s allergic but at least it will rule out the possibility).

The exhaustion and dread that comes with each time I need to get him to sleep, plus my exhaustion and soreness from the gym leads to a life lately that is quite boring, hence nothing to post.  And no real time to post in.  I haven’t even knit a stitch since that deadline I had before Jakob’s party a few weeks ago.  I keep meaning to…but…eh.  Too tired.  Too sore.  Too stressed.

Here’s to hoping for better sleep all around…for Henri, for me, and for you guys out there.  Waiter- bring us a round of sleep!


I must be tired, that was supposed to be funny.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “ow. zzz. snore. thunk.

  1. Oh dear! For the eczema: if you can get hold of Dream Cream by Lush (the UK natural cosmetics company), lots of people have had excellent results, so if all else fails: it is worth a try (if not, you can use it for yourself, of course) My nephew had AR, which went away after a visit to an osteopath (specialist in treating babies and children). Good on you for going to the gym, but perhaps be prepared to take a day off every now and then? And I find it amazing little Henri is having that many teeth! Wow! Poor you! Hope you all get some sleep!


  2. Go you! The gym! What a great thing to start! Hope you stick with it! It helps that Goodlife has babysitting. (Is baby sitting extra or included in the gym membership?)


  3. The gym is hard, LOL. Jim Karas’ “The Cardio-Free Diet” is an awesome book, and the routines won’t leave you gripping handrails 😉 I found the best post baby workout was babywearing almost non-stop. At first, in a pouch, then a little less often, but on my back. Henri is definately big enough to go on your back for an awesome full body workout. You’re so lucky to live in a city, you could get awesome babywearing gear, new and used (some of the wraps are expensive!). I made my own slings and mei tais, but wish I could have tried ‘real’ ones.
    For the excema, try using breastmilk on it. Also, eliminating dairy proteins might help with that as well as reflux, but it’ll take more than a week to see results. It could take up to 6 weeks to get all the casein out of your system. And Henri is growing so quickly, his meds probably need to be adjusted weekly 🙂 But man, he’s cute!
    With my son, when it started taking so long to get him to go to sleep, I gave up trying and just put him in his crib awake….he had the best nap ever, for 3 hours! I was stunned, and saddened he didn’t need me anymore to ‘put’ him to sleep 🙂


  4. I firmly applaud your going to the gym, but I think going for an hour a day is pushing it a bit, sweetie. You don’t want to get burned out! Try alternating with walks or jogging or soemthing? And who knows? Maybe Henri will sleep in the stroller? 🙂


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