week 4


Week 4 is a bit of a blur.  All I really remember is a lot more struggling with the shield, trying to get sleep where I could (ha!) and trying to be patient and remind myself that everything gets better with time.  I still had weekly visits with the doctor/lactation consultant, and she’d check his latch and tell me to keep working on it.  I was also in phone contact with the private lactation consultant I’d met with, and everyone kept assuring me that Henri’s wanting to feed every 2 hours (and that would be after major stalling him) was normal, and would change as he grew older.  We were also struggling with putting Henri down after feeds- much like Jakob, he would bring up his legs and squirm and appear to be in so much pain.  We ended up bringing him to the doctor to see if he had acid reflux (like Jakob did) and started him on a small dose of Zantac.


Mommy with Henri at 4 weeks old.

I still couldn’t lift Jakob (or drive, etc…) but I made sure to spend a lot of time with him in my lap or next to me on the couch.  It was important for me to give Henri to Yannick or my mom or sister, and spend some 1-on-1 time with Jakob too, so he wouldn’t be used to always seeing Henri in my arms.  I’m still HIS mommy too!

Although Henri and I usually hibernate in the den, surrounded by magazines, the TV and VCR remotes, the phone and the bfeeding pillow (knitting?  what’s THAT?), occassionally we did surface to hang out in other areas of the house.


If I wasn’t feeding during Jakob’s own dinner time, I brought Henri upstairs and we’d hang out with Jakob and Yannick.  You can see how taken Jakob is with having us there!  🙂 

Oh- you can’t really tell (or can you?) but back in January we finally did something people had been bugging us to do for a long time and took Jakob for his first-ever haircut!  He was an angel and didn’t cry or fuss.  He even picked up the brush once the lady was done “styling” his hair, and brushed it out then took his hand and re-mussed it himself!


My boys.

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

4 thoughts on “week 4

  1. Good to see you all smiling!
    There are tons of great online resources for breastfeeding and reflux (including a yahoo group). We used liquid Gaviscon, although at his size, you’d need only about 1-2mL and that might be hard to dose. Can you keep him upright in a Moby style wrap, instead of just putting him down after feeding? Glad to hear you solved the latch issue (I was pretty sure it would be a tongue tie, but I’m no LC, LOL). I used a nipple shield for the first months of my first two kids, and it was annoying, but it does work.
    I must say, if you’re going to hibernate with babies, it’s great to do it in the winter, LOL.
    Some of my kids nursed a lot more frequently than every 2 hours in the first month, so you are lucky in my eyes 🙂 (and by my third, I insisted on nursing every 90 minutes anyway, to prevent engorgement). Oh, gotta go, visitor here 🙂


  2. Jakob and Henri look great. Mommy looks tired!! 😦 Hang in there, sweetie!


  3. Ugh, that’s a lot of feedings! Hang in there. Jakob’s haircut looks great!


  4. Aww so cute the pic of u and ur boys!! xox


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