my (not so) new friend


I came upstairs to the office to type this post and happened to glance out the window to see that it is snowing.  *sigh* 

Anyhoo…I didn’t yet have a chance to type up a proper review of the weekend, so in the meantime let me show off my latest new toy:

 I feel guilty calling it “new” since technically I’ve had it for over a year, sitting sealed in its box in the closet.  I don’t know why I tend to avoid using things I’ve bought- I don’t know if it is a fear of “wasting” it or what, but I do this a lot.  Last night I decided “no more!” for the steamer, and took it out.

It can do all kinds of cleaning stuff, but I bought it for one reason.  You guessed it- blocking!  I’m still knitting away on Jakob’s Halloween costume for this year and will most probably have it done in time.  No photos yet because if I decide to publish the pattern a lot of places prefer that it hasn’t been posted previous to publication.  Trust me when I say that while steaming the garment I had my doubts, but when I went to get my knitting tonight to keep working on it, I found it had done a wonderful job.  My knitting, even the stockinette stitch portions, lay flat and had a beautiful drape to it.  I think the steamer will be getting a lot of use around here!

Since those photos were pretty boring, here are some cute ones!  I took this photo of Jakob on Sunday evening when he was playing in the leaves before going to my parents’ house for supper.  Please ignore the funny hat- my parents gave it to him and he’s been wearing it until I get a chance to knit him a Winter hat.  I feel like it should have fishing flys hanging off of it, and I don’t know why he always manages to put it on with the pink tag in front.  I really don’t even know if it is a girl’s hat or boy’s or unisex…but he looks cute and silly all at the same time.

Speaking of cute and silly, here’s what you get when your toddler decides to feed himself chili.  He’s usually pretty good with a spoon- can feed himself almost anything with a spoon or fork and not make a mess.  This time I turned my back to put some groceries away and he decided that the chili would make an excellent finger paint.  I turned back just in time to see him wiping his fingers across his face.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  Before you say that I shouldn’t encourage such behavior, you need to know that his very next action was to grab a wet paper towel from the counter and wipe his face, hands and his high-chair tray.  Gotta love a kid who cleans up after himself!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

5 thoughts on “my (not so) new friend

  1. That hat SCREAMS fishing tackle. LOL! He’s still as cute as a button, though.


  2. LOVE that picture of him eating/wearing chili. He is so adorable!


  3. Hmm, I wonder if a steamer would be easier than ironing clothes. My closet is full of wrinkled, unwearable items. It does look like fishing cap, but in a cute way. 🙂 How adorable!

    I am excited to see Jakob’s costume! Last year’s was pretty phenomenal.


  4. eeps! what a cutie! thanks for stopping by and commenting. i thought it odd that i am planning to post about a steamer that has recently come into my life. i never knew steam could make me so happy.


  5. Steamer looks cool, have you used it yet?

    You should see Sean eating spaghetti. FAR worse scene than Jakob eating chilli!


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