good news


I just got some great news!

Long-time readers will remember that I had to be followed for my sugars when pregnant with Jakob.  I had Impaired Glucose Tolerance, which is treated the same way as Gestational Diabetes- many, many visits to the perinatal center at the hospital (paying for parking each time!), monitoring my sugars daily with a finger-prick kit, and, in the case of my pregnancy with Jakob – taking nightly insulin to control the first-thing-in-the-morning sugar level- the one I couldn’t control with diet.

When you have sugar issues in one pregnancy, my hospital’s policy is to start monitoring you almost as soon as you hit the second trimester in your subsequent pregnancies.  (This is starting to sound familiar…have I typed this up before?)  In any case, they’ve been keeping an eye on me since my 14th week.  My sugars have been so perfect, that instead of pricking 4 times/day as usual (first thing in the am, then 1 hour after each meal), they said I could simply do a morning test since it was the morning I had problems with last time, and only test the rest of the day every 2-3 days.  Also, instead of going in for weekly visits with the perinatal center nurses, doctor and dietician, I was able to go every 3-4 weeks since they trusted me to call if the numbers ever started to look funny.

The biggest issue to me right now, in terms of the sugars, has to do with the baby’s size.  I had a c-section with Jakob, and would like to not have another one, and if the new baby is too big, a VBAC* wouldn’t be recommended, and with IGT or GD, it is very likely that one would have a large(r) baby.

Last week I saw my ob-gyn for my regular monthly pregnancy checkup, and she said that since my sugars have been normal to date, that she might as well send me for a glucose test to see if I was testing for nothing.

I got my results today- my sugars are normal!  Absolutely perfect!  She told me to go ahead and cancel my next appointment with the perinatal center, because I won’t need to check any more!

I’m so thrilled, you have no idea.  I will still probably check the morning sugars once a week or so, just to make sure nothing pops up.  (As the pregnancy progresses and the placenta gets stronger, it isn’t uncommon for the sugar issues to commence).  But barring anything suprising, my doctor says checking any more than that is overkill, since I’m fine!

This is such good news for me, since no sugar issues=smaller odds of having a large(r) baby=better odds of having a successful VBAC, should the rest of the pregnancy go ok and dictate that a VBAC will be safe to attempt.


Tonight I’ve got the October Montreal Knitting Guild meeting, so I’m looking forwards to a nice night of relaxing with some knitting…Hallowe’en is creeping up fast!


*Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

Author: Jennifer Lori

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6 thoughts on “good news

  1. Hi! I finally figured out how to switch your blog address in Google Reader, and will be getting caught up on your posts again. (I’m such a loser when it comes to computers!) Great news about the sugar levels, though. Way to go! Hugs to Jakob.


  2. Hey congrats on the normal sugar levels!


  3. This is great news. I’m so happy for you. Testing for blood sugar levels doesn’t sound like fun.


  4. Yay! I’m so happy that your sugars are normal! I hope everything continues to go smoothly.


  5. Super news! I hope that the VBAC works out for you. I wasn’t so lucky with Maxime, but the important thing is that he came out healthy!


  6. Great news on the sugar levels! One less thing to worry about!


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