dumb as a…


I wish I could say I’d overheard this comment. But nope- this is all me.

I went out for dinner with the moms from Jakob’s playgroup. We’re trying to do an adults-only thing once a month. Anyways, many of us have wedding anniversaries coming up in September, which led to the topic of how long we’ve been married/with our significant others.

I mentioned that next week will be both Yannick’s birthday and our 2nd wedding anniversary (same day). What did I say next?

“In December it will be ten years we’ve been together. I know. Ten years! But it feels like a decade!”


Clearly we all know what I’d MEANT to say? I was going for the joke- intending on “…but it feels like a century!”. But nope- baby brain kicks in and I’m lucky I can string together a few coherent words without too much drooling.

And I thought I got dumb when pregnant with Jakob! Today I’m 20 weeks pregnant. It can’t get worse, right?

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

5 thoughts on “dumb as a…

  1. OH funny 🙂 Poor preggo brain you 🙂
    But congrats on the 20 weeks already!! How are you feeling? Do you have another US coming up this week? Going to ask if it’s a girl or a boy?
    cheers – have a good day.


  2. Of course it can get worse! Or did you conveniently forget what it’s like when you’re waking up every 2.5 hours in the first few weeks?

    Have a great weekend Jennifer!


  3. Decade, century whatever. 😉 My friend told me that your brain actually shrinks while pregnant and takes over a year to recuperate. Perhaps you are experiencing cumulative effects?


  4. For shame!


  5. Could have been worse…could have done what Robyn did 🙂 Whem you flush a toilet in Australia, it goes the opposite way….Robyn replies: “you mean it goes up??” lol remember that Rosh Hashanna dinner when Aaron just got back from Australia? LOL
    Got to love the blondes in our family ;P


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