19 week ultrasound


As the title so aptly states, I had my 19 week ultrasound today. Everything looks good, and we were able to resist finding out the sex of our new little one. Unfortunately, the baby was being quite unphotogenic (not sonogeic, as the technician put it), and the technician wasn’t able to get all the measurements she needed. Fortunately, that means I get to go back in another 4 weeks and have another little peek at the baby!
You can tell the photos came out quite crappy. The green writing you can’t read says that you are looking at the baby’s profile (head on the left, facing to the right) with the body down below and an arm raised with the hand resting between the nose and eyes.
This is the same angle, but a closer shot at the baby’s profile.

And it just wouldn’t be fair to give you 2(!) new-to-be baby photos, and not put at least 1 of Jakob, so here is a photo my mom took the same day as the popsicle photos.
It’s a little over-exposed, but he’s still a cutie to me!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

5 thoughts on “19 week ultrasound

  1. I’m still upset you’re not finding out the sex! LOL I’m dying to know!!!!

    I got EVEN CRAPPIER pics from Mack’s U/S…. and only got 2. You got 4 and you’re getting more. LOL


  2. Hello baby!



  3. I’m with Robyn. How is one supposed to know what to knit for this kid if we don’t know the sex?


  4. Will it be a boy? Magic 8 Ball says NO!
    Will it be a girl? Magic 8 Ball says NO!
    Umm so what does this leave us with?????

    You SHOULD find out the sexe, for the sake of the Magic 8 Ball 😉


  5. You are seriously hampering the quality of knits by not finding out the sex. 😉 Just teasing. I absolutely had to know the sex, but I’m really quite impatient about surprises.


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