vowels, please?


Since I’ve had so many vowel requests, I figured I’d help you out. Instead of giving you the vowels, though, I’ve put an underline in the squares where vowels belong. Does this help any?

And since it has been a while, here’s a Jakob photo. I’m pretty sure I didn’t post this here, but if I did and you’ve seen it already…well…it’s still cute.

Three weeks ago my mom was watching Jakob for the day and she took this photo. Jakob spied the tv’s remote on her bed and turned right around to point it at the tv.

On a completely unrelated note, I saw something interesting this morning. I was waiting at a red light on my way to work, and there was a man waiting to cross the road. He was dressed ok; slacks, a t-shirt and a funky hat. What was odd was what he was carrying- no bag or satchel or anything, just a carton of Banana/Strawberry/Orange Oasis juice in one hand, and a 2/6ths completed Rubix cube in the other. (The blue and orange sides where complete). I couldn’t help but stare and try and figure out- where was he going? (Or where was he coming from?) I’ve never seen someone walking around with such disparate objects before!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

5 thoughts on “vowels, please?

  1. My guess is “A dinosour for baby”. I was first going to say “a elephant for baby”, but I’ve noticed that you write in a grammatically correct way, and would NEVER say “a elephant” when we all know it is “an elephant”. Horrors! I am a little confused still if Canadians consider the “y” a vowel, as we do in the States. So, I’m probably still wrong, but thanks for the fun diversion when I should be packing for the house move!

    Congrats on the new baby! And, even if I’m wrong, still think you should knit another dinosour!

    Love you Blog.

    Beth in Ohio


  2. It fits, but the 2nd word the last vowel would be in the wrong spot:

    A Dinosaur for Mack….
    (since I forgot to pick a color maybe you decided for me! LOL)

    But ONE vowel doesnt make sense… grr. So if it’s not that, then I have NO idea.



  3. Nope. No help at all. How about just one consonant? Or even tell us a couple of letters that are not in the puzzle?


  4. Cute photo! As for the puzzle, at 2:00 am I am again unwilling to attempt it.


  5. A something for something? 🙂


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