you’d never believe me


…if I told you what I’m knitting.


You* can guess, if you want. Here’s a clue:

Have fun! I’d offer a substantial part of my stash to anyone who guessed correctly…if I thought you had a chance. ;]

*You can guess if you are not Maaike or anyone that Maaike might have told about what I am currently knitting. That means “anonymous” guesses are not allowed!

Author: Jennifer Lori

Punny dork who makes stuff.

8 thoughts on “you’d never believe me

  1. Oh, come on…please…I would surely love to get a significant part of your stash 😉 How about you give me the significant part of the stash to stay quiet?

    “a buffallo rib mitt” — if I didn’t know, that would be my guess.

    Can’t wait to see the mystery project when it’s done.


  2. I’d even take a substantial part of the stash to stay quiet, if you don’t want to give up a significant part of the stash. doh!


  3. No idea. Something for a cat or dog?


  4. I’d like to buy a vowel, please. 🙂


  5. Do you consider Y to be a vowel?


  6. What? No letters? How about a vowel? We need help!


  7. I haven’t the faintest idea…. I’m stumped.


  8. I am way too tired to do this puzzle any kind of justice. It must be pretty good if you’re willing to bet the stash on it!


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